Manic vs. Depressed: Daily Routine

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Back in June, I believe I made a post in regard to my bipolar daily routine, what I do and what my schedule looks like. I wasn’t working at the time, so I just did an average day when staying at home. There were a lot of comments I received about my sleep schedule and how inconsistent it was, along with the lack of sleep I receive.

What my first daily routine did not account for are my mood swings. A day where I am manic and distracted is going to look different than a day when I am manic and productive. A day is also going to look different when I am morbidly depressed. The day could also look different when I am in a mixed state and go through phases of both mania and depression with different shades of severity.

With that being said, I have created two schedules: a manic schedule and a depressed schedule. Both schedules are real and have happened, but I am currently not working so these schedules will look like any normal weekend or day off.

My Bipolar Daily Routine: Mania Edition (Today)

4:30 am Wake up. Take a few puffs off my mod (vape) and use the bathroom. Look at my phone and take that, my mod, and myself out to the dining room so I don’t disturb Diego who is sleeping.

4:40 am Grab a Redbull or make a chai tea latte. I am trying to ween myself off of Redbull, but I need some sort of caffeine source, even when manic so I can wake up from my lack of sleep. I am restless, yet energized after four and a half hours of sleep. But I physically cannot sleep anymore and the thought of just lying in bed sounds painful.

4:45 am Login to my MacBook Pro. I scroll through my blog statistics and go through social media accounts, skimming the words, picking and choosing what I want to read. I get bored easily so I flip back and forth between websites and then I begin the writing process of blogging for the day.

5:20 am Breakfast. I usually make scrambled eggs because it’s easy, filling, and simple protein. I eat my breakfast and have some morning reflection time with God. I think and pray what I am grateful for and create a day game plan and decide how I will execute said plan.

5:35am Back to blogging. At this point I have a title, a photo, and an introduction. Then I crank out the body. Depending on the piece, I have to do various amounts of research to ensure the accuracy of what I post. If I am writing something personal, I must recall the details of the stories that I mention. This process to complete a blog post from start to finish is roughly two hours.

7:05am Training. Today I am focusing on training for my potential job offer so that includes watching educational videos on registered behavior technician learning. There are quizzes after each 30 minute segment and I must pay attention in order to pass the exams. I usually do internet browsing or work on my bullet journal and add to my schedule during this time.

10am Once I have been working for a few hours, it’s time for a break. So I usually call my mom everyday for about thirty minutes to an hour. I usually prepare a snack such as fruit during this time. I also prepare a cup of hot tea and refill my now empty bottle of iced cold water.

10:45am Say goodbye to my boyfriend before he goes to work. He sleeps in usually until 9 or so, so I let him sleep and slowly wake up before he goes to work. Since he works in a grocery store, his schedule changes daily. Today he worked 12pm-8pm with a forty minute drive to and from work so he leaves around 11:10am. We discuss our game plans for the days and enjoy each others company as he gets ready for work.

11:10am Back to training. I continue with my bullet journaling and Pinterest scrolling as I listen to what the video says. Right now I am searching for homemade advent calendar ideas. I went to Michael’s and got a holiday box and 3 little bins that I divided into 24 sections (one for each day until Christmas) and now I gotta figure out what to put in each day as a little gift. I already bought him / us a new comforter along with new microfiber sheets that were pretty spendy, but I thought this would be a fun craft project for me and a cool mini gift for him.

1pm Lunch. I usually make a sandwich or quesadillas because it’s easy. Quesadillas were my lunch today and I poured hot sauce all over them and it was quite warm, crunchy, and tasty. I reflect on what I had done so far in the day and what I need to do.

1:15pm Back to training. I throw in a load of laundry and put away the clean clothes. Since I am not entirely moved in and I don’t have my dresser or hangers to hang up my blouses, everything has gone in his clean laundry basket and I’m using a reusable shopping bag as my dirty clothes hamper. That reminds me! I have more hampers and clothes in my car and I brought a few hangers so I can start moving in. My fear is that something bad is gonna happen when I move in, and I’ll have to move back home (again) and relocate everything. So I have been basically living out of a suitcase.

1:20pm I begin my painting. I play my videos and start working on a painting project for a good friend of mine who is going through a rough time. It is a sign and I painted her favorite bible verse on the sign that she can hang it in her home and be reassured that He is all powerful.

3pm I continue my videos and begin doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I flip the laundry as needed. I usually zone out and I am only somewhat listening to my videos.

3:40pm I take a break from the videos. I stopped paying attention a long time ago and my attention has been distracted by my next project. I blast some music on the Okay Google machine (I am not sure what it’s called; you say Okay Google and talk to it and it talks back to you… I only use it as a speaker and as a kitchen timer since mine doesn’t work on my oven.) and I start tidying up the living room and cleaning the bedroom. I finish laundry and put everything away. If I am feeling extra frisky, I will clean the bathrooms.

5pm Dinner time. I am still distracted and agitated from chores, but once I am finished with them, it’s time to start thinking about making dinner. I start the videos up again and set my MacBook on the kitchen counter. I put away clean dishes and start chopping and prepping my dinner. Tonight I am making Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana soup. It’s spicy sausage, kale, and potato soup. So I get a large stock pot, put olive oil down and cook the sausage. Once it’s cooked I drain the grease. Then I pour in 32oz of whatever broth you want (I use chicken broth) and pour in the potatoes and onions. Bring to a boil and let it simmer for about 30 minutes or until tender. Then add some kale and stir occasionally for about 10 minutes. Then add 16 fl oz of heavy whipping cream and an Italian blend of cheese. Stir occasionally and voila! Soup!

6pm I will have one bowl now and then eat again when my boyfriend gets home from work around 9pm. I turn off my training for the duration of dinner. I sometimes call my mom again around this time since I am bored and I don’t like to eat alone. We talk about various things, so sometimes the conversation is short and other times it could be another 30 minutes.

6:30pm I have finished my first dinner. So now it is time to go back and train. (Although I am focusing on training on this day, this isn’t always the case. So you can replace training with homework for school or other projects around the house or errands to go and run, such as doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping.

8pm Diego calls me since he’s off of work. He will ask me what I need from the store and then head home. This call lasts about thirty minutes, and it gives me time to heat up dinner on the stove or tidy up some last minute things.

8:40pm Diego comes home. We talk as he gets out of his work clothes and takes a shower.

9pm Dinner#2 for me and dinner #1 for Diego. We pray and say what we are grateful for. We discuss our days.

9:20pm Usually Diego goes off to play video games in the living room and I’ll watch him play as I grab my MacBook or the Switch to play games, blog, or internet browse. We are together doing separate things, talking occasionally. We are comfortable in silence and just content with each other’s presence.

11:30pm I go lay down in bed and wait up until Diego comes to bed. I check other apps on my phone or read from my bible or read my GA book.

12:30am Sleep

My Bipolar Daily Routine: Depressed edition

9am Wake up. Start chain smoking off my mod. Lay in bed for a while until I have to use the bathroom. Come back and lay in bed and stare at my phone.

9:40am Breakfast. I make breakfast for Diego and I, depending on what we have. Usually I will make eggs, but sometimes I will pair it with toast or bacon or sausage.

10:10am Diego leaves for work. I continue to chain smoke. I think about doing training, cleaning, and errands, but decide to go lay back down in bed. I look at my phone for a while and then fall asleep.

1pm I wake up from my nap. Start smoking, use the bathroom, and begin to think of ideas for lunch. I settle on a quesadilla due to simplicity. I eat only one or I eat 3, depending on my appetite. I usually don’t add salsa when I am depressed. I tend to eat bland food.

1:30pm I gotta do training. I have put it off all day up until this moment. I listen to a video or two. I try to track my moods in my bullet journal, but don’t have the focus to do either activity, especially at the same time.

2:30pm My eyes start to close so I lay down on the couch and sleep.

5pm I call my mom and tell her that everything is fine. I tell her I am about to make dinner and I have been very busy with work training and projects.

5:30pm I throw a load in the washer and flip what laundry has been left in there. I throw the dry clothes on top of the dryer to be dealt with later and turn everything on. I begin dinner. I want something easy so we eat left over spaghetti. All I gotta do is turn on the stove and put the pot on it for a couple minutes to thoroughly heat everything.

5:40pm I turn on the videos and zone out for most of it. I try to pay attention, but I am distracted with feeling bad. I sit at the kitchen table where I have everything set up.

7pm I take a shower in hopes it would make me feel better. I turn on my music and turn the water super hot. I grab clean pajamas and start brushing my teeth and brushing my hair. If I am in a better mood after my shower, I will moisturize my face and put on different serums to reduce the stress induced acne. If not, I will go lay down and continue listening to music.

7:35pm Diego calls and asks if I need anything from the store. I say candy and he gets my favorite kind for me. We talk a little bit and then we hang up.

7:45pm I tidy up the living room really fast and pick things up off the floor. I ignore the pile of dishes in the sink and put the clean towels in the bathroom and flip the rest of the laundry.

8:25pm I put the spaghetti on the stove so it’s piping hot when Diego gets home.

8:30pm Diego comes in with my candy. We eat dinner and usually don’t pray before unless he initiates it. He thanks me and goes and plays video games or watches his new favorite show. I clean up and go into our room.

8:50pm I browse the Internet until I get sleepy. This doesn’t take long, as my depression emotionally exhausts me. I think of all the things I needed to do today that I didn’t.

9:30pm. Sleep and repeat.


These are both schedules that have happened to me this week actually. The schedules vary slightly from day to day depending on the errands that I have to run and chores I must do. Either way, I keep pretty busy and don’t have much spare time. Sure, I could easily adjust my schedule depending on how I feel and what I have on my agenda. I try to stick to a schedule so that I don’t have time to just sit around and relax. Usually if I am sitting around, it leads to me doing bad things like gambling or worse. I must stay preoccupied so I can be my best self. Even sleeping when I am depressed is productive because it rests me and keeps me out of trouble.


Q: Is this your schedule every day?

A: No. These are examples of schedules I have done when I am not working or have the day off with no errands to run. It obviously fluctuates to allow for other activities as needed.

Q: Does your lack of sleep or too much sleep affect your moods?

A: Most likely! When I am manic, I physically cannot sleep more than about 5 hours at a time because I get agitated and my internal alarm clock says it’s time to wake up. Once I get those at least 3.5 hours, I am like the energizer bunny and can go for 18+ hours at a time. It causes agitated moods and irritability. As well as mania, the depression also affects my moods. I am sad and distracted which is caused by too much sleep since then I sleep about 16+ hours throughout the day.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into my daily routine and answers some questions you may have had!

Much love,


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  1. Haley Nicole says:

    As someone who also struggles with bipolar, this was almost comforting to read, knowing i’m not alone in the change of schedules to fit my mood. Thanks for sharing

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