Hospital Trips and Bong Rips

Me with my surprise present after ER trip #1. Thanks, Brent!

Since Monday, things to seem to be going downhill… really fast.

After blogging about Monday’s events, I truly went to bed that night thinking things would turn around.

As I wake up on Tuesday morning, I noticed something peculiar about my vision. Mind you, I am legally blind in one eye so my vision is already a little weird. But out of my left, good eye, my vision was blurred and red and felt like there were rocks in my eye. I ended up leaving work early in order to go to an ophthalmologist since I really cannot mess around with my one good eye.

I was told to get some eye drops and that my tear duct was clogged which was causing the vision changes. If it got crusty or goopy, then I would have to get antibiotics for an eye infection.

Of course the following day, it’s all crusty, but not like pink eye. I called the ophthalmologist who then said I have an eye infection of some kind and prescribed me some cream for the corner of my eye to clear up the clogged tear duct.

Then that night, I start to have an Interstial Cystitis flare up (my bladder disease). I could tell the pain was affecting my kidneys, but I took some pyridum which turns your urine orange but helps with the urgency and frequency, along with discomfort that this disease causes. I was close to going to the ER, but I knew they wouldn’t do much for me pain wise so I use some herbal remedies. (Perfectly legal in my state and with my job and everything).

Now it’s Wednesday. I realize I haven’t had a bladder treatment since May. So I call my urologist to make an appointment to be seen at 10 a.m. But knowing my luck, she is out of the office and I asked to talk to the medical assistant considering I knew with some antibiotics, I could clear up the bladder infection that I most likely had.

All throughout this, I am working from home, crying in pain between my eye and vision sensitivity and my pelvic region being in such utter pain. I was smoking some herb to get through the day until I got through to the medical assistant who said to go to urgent care for symptoms to be prescribed with antibiotics.

Of course at 5 p.m. there are no appointments with urgent care left and the wait times were longer than the ER. So after work, I shuffle on over to the ER and told them that I just needed antibiotics for an infection.

After the urine test and three hours of waiting around, I wasn’t with the busy doctor for two minutes and proclaimed what I already knew: that despite me taking pyridium which usually affects the course of the test, that there was obviously blood in my urine which indicates infection.

You would think if you diagnose yourself before going to the ER, you could at least get your money back for doing all the hard work for them. But nooooo. That simply is not how the American health care system works.

I went home with a script for cipro, a major antibiotic. And one singular Norco, which is a narcotic. I proceeded to get food on my way home in order to try to keep the meds down long enough for the narcotic to work. But as soon as I get home, I vomit profusely. The odd thing about it was that my skin felt as though it was burning alive and my skin was crawling with this fire like sensation.

I just thought that was due to the fact that antibiotics normally make me sick. And I didn’t have a rash at all from the antibiotic, but thought that was a weird reaction I never had before.

So now it’s Thursday. I’m working away when my mom brings me my medicine from the pharmacy. Thirty minutes after I take the medication, my skin from the inside out begins to burn and I have this horrible anxiety that is making it hard to breathe. I try to throw up but can’t. This medication was making me so itchy and crazy.

I call the pharmacist and tell him my situation. He prompts me to go to urgent care for an allergic reaction.

So I leave work at 11:30 a.m. and spend two hours in urgent care just for them to tell me that they think it’s a kidney infection and that I need to go back to the ER and may need to be admitted. She didn’t think I was having an allergic reaction to the cipro since it had never given me that reaction before. So by 3 p.m. I was back in the ER. They did some blood work and a urine test. They gave me an anti inflammatory which obviously does not help with the pain. I keep saying my pain increased from a 9 to a 10 out of 10. The doctor saw how often I came into the ER and she asked me bluntly, “What do you want me to do? As far as pain management goes, is this what you want to do?” I proceeded to nearly cry and I said I didn’t partake in any drugs at all. I was just in pain.

She walked away and proceeded to do nothing for pain. She then said later on that I still did have blood in my urine and a bladder infection. She said that I gotta stick it out with the cipro or switch to another antibiotic that I am allergic to because there are only three meds she could prescribe to me for this issue and I simply cannot be allergic to all three. So I took Keflex in the hospital to make sure I could keep it down. It still made me itchy, but less so the cipro. I left around 6 with a script for Keflex and an anti-nausea med.

Now I am home and I woke up in pain and decided to write this. I am just hurting and have lost faith in humanity.

Til next time,


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