I’ll be fine

Photo by Daisa TJ on Pexels.com

I have been dabbling in poetry / song writing lately. I am not sure I am any good though, but I thought tonight when I am feeling lonely I might as well jot down some ideas since I am a little buzzed and won’t remember tomorrow…

Submerge and Resurface

Blood boiling

Jumping in head first

Ecstasy fills my veins

Then I will eventually feel worse

Nothing to see here

As I lay my head down

Lithium pumps through my chest

Numb to a fault; all I need is rest

Submerge and resurface

Live and Let Live

No longer can I hide the truth

I dive into troubled waters

Now don’t you fret

It only makes things worse

Darlin’, I made it through another night

Yet we still fight

Just might break free from your bondage and chains

Guilty to a fault

I’ll be fine

Don’t worry about me

Submerge and resurface

Live and let live

Jumping in head first

Into troubled waters

Eventually I will feel worse

Meanwhile ecstasy fills my veins

Don’t take this away from me

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