Mid Year’s Resolution

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You may be asking yourself, “Why create a ‘new year’s’ resolution now?” But I see it as there is now time like the present to improve yourself. Hey this may be eight months late, or think about it this way… I am four months early for the actual new year’s of 2021. Or I can just use the following topics to check in with myself come January and see where I am at.

I don’t think there should only be one time of year to establish goals for yourself. When life is happening, you aren’t going to be constantly reflecting on what you wrote down In January come March or April. But if you constantly make a point to state your goals in life every month or so, you can continually grow as a person. You can have consistent growth rather than have a growth spurt that grows stagnant.

For the past day and a half, I kept thinking about doing this post because it’s finally halfway through the year, it’s August. And then I realized hey wait a second, August is not the halfway point throughout the year, that would be June. So this is going to be my two thirds of the year through life resolution.

1. Create a scrapbook

I have a bunch of knick knacks and other safe keepings that I want to keep, but don’t use or look at that often. I have old driver’s licenses, pictures, school ID’s, work place name badges, you name it. I even have an empty scrapbook to put everything in, I have yet to do it.

So I am giving myself until the end of December to finish this task that couldn’t take longer than 2 hours to complete. I imagine I am going to blow it off more than once.

2. Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

This kind of blends into my first goal of making a scrapbook. I want to minimize the amount of stuff that I have in order to live a more simple life. I don’t use half of the stuff that’s in my office, so what’s the point in keeping something that no longer serves a greater purpose.

The whole minimalism movement seems ideal to a lot of people due to it’s global trendiness, but I couldn’t care less about it being trendy. I care about living with as minimal things in my home as possible. I don’t want to have any more crap that I don’t utilize and I want to only keep the things that make me happy.

Granted, I can’t keep all the things that make me happy and I also can’t get rid of all the things that frustrate me such as my day job computer; kinda gotta keep that since it’s company property.

3. Finding my greater purpose

I am all about finding my greater purpose in life and for a long time I thought I was meant to be a paralegal. But with everything that happened with me losing my paralegal job and getting ostracized for being bipolar, I really think my greater purpose is to bring awareness and life skills to those who are also bipolar.

Obviously I am not going to quit my day job in order to pursue an online presence and sell bipolar and mental health merchandise to support this venture. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve considered this. But right now that isn’t feasible financially or in any regard. I think I’m still figuring out what it means for me to reach out to people and connect to others on a personal level. I figured out early this year, in February to be exact, that I wanted to blog about my adversities. This medium has been good to me and I to it. I think I know what my next step is, but I gotta ruminate over it for a while. See how this helps me or if it would be another time killer and that I would put less of my passion and interests into my blog than maybe something else.

Then again, I have til December to think about it and even then, I don’t have to do anything rash. I know this is more of a lifelong venture rather than a four month one and it’s forever going to be evolving into something new. But right now I have a light, a dim light, but a light at the end of the tunnel and I wish to see it through.

4. Work on my intentions.

A lot of my intentions in the past have been self centered. Some very well still are self centered. By working on my intentions aka my plans of action, I will focus on how my intentions can help those most important around me.

For example, I am going to try to stop all forms of gambling such as scratch tickets and going to the casino because it negatively impacts Diego and my parents when I end up having to borrow money from them. Obviously I have a gambling problem and going to the casino just reeks lack of trust that my family and Diego has of me when I do go.

Every action has a reaction and has a ripple effect on those closest to me. By acting without intention, it could ruin the relationships around me.

We shall see the progress I have made over the next couple of months. Maybe this is one resolution I can actually keep *fingers crossed*


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