When we were alone

I tell you to close the door

Something’s not right I know you know more

Of this story than you’re letting on

Your hands on my hips, kissing my neck

I mean get to the point; c’mon

Come onnnnn.

I push you away I can’t think straight

I can’t fucking breathe with your mouth on me

Sounds so erotic but I honestly forgot about it

Til he left my messages alone and no longer

Answered the phone.

I miss the toxicity it seemed like simplicity to me

The demons in my head were always full of glee

They liked you better than I did.

The trauma I faced never left the room

You were to be my lovely groom and I be your bride

And now I wonder why I put up with your shit for so long

Indeed too long.

You put on a brave face for our friends and family as I continued to lose my sanity

Dry your eyes there’s no use in crying over him anymore

I’ve moved on and happily so

My new man makes me feel better than I did

When we were alone.

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