Just my luck

Well it’s the third day of the new year and I have already had to go to urgent care. My foot has been killing me so I went to orthopedic urgent care where I got my last surgeries done on my ankle, knee, and leg, but apparently they no longer had an orthopedic urgent care. So I went to regular urgent care nearby and they did x-rays to look for stress fracture(s) and ended up finding a lot of swelling around and on my Achilles tendon so they thought I had tendonitis. I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon and I don’t have an appointment until February 2nd, 2023 so a little less than a month away.

I am off work until Thursday night and I am back on Friday for swing shift. I have my first day of in person and zoom classes tomorrow. Gotta go to that despite me trying to rest and elevate my foot. So tomorrow will be a long day and so will the rest of the days because I gotta now focus my time and energy on school.

Steven visited me this afternoon and we took a nap and cuddled and he just drove home so I figured I would hop on the WordPress and do a little key punching.

I am in. a lot of pain so I smoked the ganja earlier which made me pass out hard. But I slept super good and it helped me forget how badly my foot hurts. I am assuming I will need a MRI for my foot and ankle and will also assume based on those findings, I will need a fourth foot surgery which I am not prepared for.

I don’t like to assume worst case scenario but I am in more pain now than when I broke my ankle and walked two miles to my car after work when I initially injured this ankle back in 2018.

I do have some exciting news to announce here soon but will wait a little while longer to reveal it. It’s been a surreal time for me and I am excited to see what the future has to hold.

Just checking in for tonight, mental health has been decent the last few days.

much love,



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