School’s out for winter!

Overall today has been a pretty good day. I finished my finals yesterday and I passed! I didn’t do that great, probably got about a C average on my exams but hey, passing is passing. I was on academic probation / academic plan this quarter for failing my geology class last quarter so this was a breath of fresh air considering I was in a depression for the duration of this quarter.

I should get final grades later today; it is currently 5:20am on December the 9th. So not yet.

Today is also a good day because I got paid a day early and I got not a one, but a two thousand dollar bonus on this month’s paycheck. I got a thousand dollar bonus last check so this came as a complete surprise yet again. I am paying rent now, not much but for me it’s a lot lol so some goes to rent and the rest is split between savings and extra debt payments. Don’t worry, I kept a little for myself but that will most likely be used this weekend because it’s my date weekend..

Oh yeah! I have a boyfriend now. The guy I was “kinda sorta dating” is now the “exclusive boyfriend”. 🙂 He is very sweet and kind and affectionate and I am excited to what the future holds. I am off work at 7am after working 40+ hours in three days and I don’t have work again until Sunday night at 7pm.

So I think we are going to a hibachi bar ya know the one where they cook and put on a show for the restaurant because I have never been. Then tomorrow we go into the city to go to Ikea and the big mall that’s there and whatever suits our fancy. I am excited I got paid a little extra so I can splurge a little bit. My boyfriend’s name is Steven and Steven likes to dress up fancy when we go out which is cute but I don’t have a lot of going out clothes so I gotta do some staple shopping for a few ideal pieces to add to my already overflowing closet collection.

I am excited for what the future holds, my depression is going away for a little bit which is nice especially during the holiday season. Life is good and I really think this past year of me mainly being single has been a great learning experience and I know that I can be comfortable being alone; I still don’t like it but I know I can do it. Nothing else to report but I realized I haven’t blogged in a week so gotta do that! Ha.

much love,



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