Blogtober Day 4/5: Day in the Life

I used to do a lot of day in the life blog posts back in the day, usually when I was unemployed to show you how a bipolar gal spends her time. I was also supposed to write yesterday for Blogtober, but that clearly didn’t happen so here I am at 5:38am writing before work.

I will briefly recap yesterday and then go over today’s schedule. Yesterday was good overall but rather hectic. I went and got my medication from the pharmacy, met up with a friend of mine and went out to breakfast. I got home and got word that they are putting Diego’s family dog down because he has a tumor in his foot. Lobo was a good dog; he worked on Diego’s dad’s farm all his life and got to play with the animals and followed his dad around and was the kindest dog ever and that is coming from someone who is generally afraid of dogs. Diego was crying to me about this, he left work early to say his goodbyes. So I met up with him to grab a pizza and some cake slices from the grocery store and we went to his house and watched some tv and went to bed by 9.

9:30pm-5ish am



Go to the bathroom to vomit. Now this isn’t normally apart of the routine but I have a lot of GI issues so I am usually super nauseated in the morning so that happened and I still feel gross after that. Yuck.


Head to the kitchen and get some iced water and take my medication in hopes the nausea and bipolar will subside.

5:35am-6ish am

Blog for blogtober. Vape like a chimney. Let Poncho out since I stayed the night at Diego’s and Diego is still asleep.


lay down in bed and be lazy whether that be go back to sleep or scroll through my phone


Get ready for work. Put on clothes, brush teeth, shower, all that jazz.


work as a caregiver. I usually never work day shift but they needed someone to take some lady clients to counseling and I have always wanted to sit in on their counseling appointments so I said yes to the overtime, plus I had the last two days off of work so I was well rested.


get home. finish laundry I started last night. get some homework done before going back to bed and before working the night shift.


Sleep (hopefully) usually after smoking the cannabis.


More work. This is where my clients sleep all night and I work on homework and other tasks.


Go home and do a variation of this all again the next day.

That’s it. That is my day in the life. I think I could have gone more in depth but if y’all have any questions let me know in the comments below

much love,


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