Almost had it

My frustration is up on another level. I went to the dealership this evening and I wait and wait for someone to help me with the 4runner and this guy I thought was going to get me to the finish line and be able to take the truck home but noooooo.

Wait let me start over.

I have bruises all across my stomach in a horizontal line from having to break into Diego’s house.

Wait. Let me back up some more.

Ok. I went to the bank yesterday afternoon and after that, I called the dealership to see if I could come in that day instead of tomorrow. They tell me that it just passed inspection but they could *try* to get everything done tonight at 6pm. I go to Diego’s house to wait and use my house key to let myself in. I didn’t have that much time but enough to see my dog and hang for a bit. I always have clothes at his house of mine so I had to grab those.

Before my dealership appointment, I get Poncho in his kennel outside in the backyard and I lock the door because I had my phone and my vape mod, what more could I need?


I needed my car keys. SO not only did I not have a key to get into the house, but I did not have my car keys and of course my car was locked so I couldn’t grab the spare key out of my purse. SO what does Dani do? Break in through the kitchen window. Now mind you the kitchen window is about 6.5 feet off the ground, underneath the car port. The window is maybe a foot and a half wide and there was a wooden beam supporting the carport underneath the window so I stand on that; it shakes like a leaf. There is a two foot tall garbage can made of plastic outside for yard debris. I dump out the yard stuff and stand on the beam and then onto the bottom of the flipped over garbage can. I am almost waist high in the window.

Now mind you, the kitchen counter is the first thing in the window so I had to move the knives and glass jars out of the window sill and off to the side so I could shimmy onto the counter head first, flip myself around and jump down off the kitchen counter.

But the garbage can is not meant for someone my size so it crushes underneath my weight and sinks in 3 or 4 inches which make it even harder to pull myself into the window. I tried using the side of my SUV as leverage to pull myself into the window where I could grab the edge of the countertops and pull my way forward. Eventually I used what little upper arm strength I had to jump up and get my belly laying on the window sill. I knocked over the now broken garbage can but I was in! I am dripping and pouring sweat down my face and neck and the neighbors probably thought (besides the fact that I am breaking in to my old house) that I am either having bad sex or I am in pain by the way I loudly moaned and groaned trying to get more of my body into the kitchen.

I lift my legs as high as they could go and army crawled onto the counter and flipped around on the counter and jumped down. I was shaking like a leaf but I did it. My keys were literally three feet away on the kitchen counter, past the sink. SO I chug a water, and use the shower to wet my hair and put on some deodorant.

I drive to my dealership appointment and they show me that the stereo is fixed. Great. I get insurance which apparently is super expensive when you get a V8 4Runner that’s 4 x 4 and it’s older and you have a criminal record (relatively minor but a DUI with an accident ain’t cheap).

I was about to head to finance when they said that if I wait until morning, they can lock down a lender. Essentially a lender doesn’t want to finance an older car more than what it’s worth. I mean the car is highway robbery price at this dealership but I got a decent amount for my trade so I didn’t really care. But they said if I wait til Friday (I guess it’s Friday now) the lender (the bank) will negotiate with the dealership for a lower price on the vehicle. So I mean, this could drop it thousands of dollars off the purchase price. So if me being patient can drop my payment a 100 bucks or whatever, I’d be a happy camper.

So I left and now I got bruises in a straight line from the window on my stomach and it hurts like a bitch. After the dealership I went to Olive Garden and ate there and got some to go for work and I went on a date with a guy and it went good. It was our second date but he’s 28, has two kids, has a good job. He’s a good guy so we shall see what happens, who knows?

After my date, I went back to Diego’s before work and he was home which I was not expecting. I told him to come look at the garbage can and he laughed so hard when I showed him my bruising and the dented trash can. I grabbed my clothes I forgot over there when I got locked out and dipped so I wouldn’t be too late for work.

All in all I guess it was a decent day.

Much love,


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