Day 2 of the ‘Rona: unmotivated

It’s been 84 years…. oh wait, this isn’t the story of the titanic! It’s the tale of how Dani got the corona virus and didn’t do any school like she should have today. Although with me being sick since Monday and only being diagnosed with covid since yesterday, I feel like utter trash. My cough is getting exponentially worse and so is my fever. My face is blood red and I’m sweating with the fan right on my face. I have been swallowing tessalon cough pills but they aren’t doing much to put me out of my misery. Miserable is not the right adjective, I feel worse than miserable. And it is only day 2.

I couldn’t fathom having this covid had I not gotten my two covid vaccinations. I just think I could easily be in the hospital now for this or even dead, but at least I am at home, Diego and my best friend brought over food for my family to eat and it seems like my parents aren’t doing as bad as me considering I am on steroids to open my lungs and they are not. They also don’t have asthma or smoke.

I should have used today to finish my homework for intro to drugs class, but it has yet to happen at nearly 5pm PST. I need it to happen but I am literally so miserable and all my teachers are super strict and won’t give me extensions considering they are online courses. I am hoping I won’t have to go to the ER for this because then I can’t smoke which would probably be best for me but I just can’t seem to kick the bad habit. I just keep huffing away on my inhaler and alternate with my vape and cough my lungs out.

I have lost 12 whole pounds since I got sick originally on Monday. Which is cool and all, but it was from me being sick, not from exercising or God forbid from eating well. Now the goal is to keep the weight off post covid when I eventually recover. I am doing basically anything in my power not to read. And maybe I could pick up another textbook and try to read that to do my exams before noon on Sunday would be a productive use of my time… but no.

It’s funny because I enjoy 2 of the 3 classes subjects thoroughly. However, I am lazy and when I am sick I want to do nothing… or less than nothing. I finally got out of bed today to get water, shower, change clothes, and make a baked potato. I couldn’t taste the potato’s sour cream, cheese, or spray butter (yes spray butter is a real thing; look it up). But the texture was nice I enjoyed the almost taste of baked potato. Oh wait, I got up earlier and made eggs for breakfast for everyone those I could kind of taste. Mom made homemade chicken noodle soup that I have yet to try. It sounds good but I know I won’t be able to taste the flavors. It’s sad because soup is my favorite food in the whole world besides tacos (real tacos).

Oh well, I willl survive, just keep me in your thoughts and prayers pretty please!

Much love,


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