Positively covid

Guess who has two thumbs and finally caught the ‘rona virus? This gal…

I am off work at least until Wednesday of next week and I am on a steroid to keep my lungs open, a cough suppressant pill, anti nausea medication, and Lagevrio which is supposedly an anti viral to help combat the covid. In other news, I have lost nine whole pounds due to this stupid illness, so I guess that’s one benefit.

When I was at the doctor, they gave me two anti nausea and an injection of the steroid in my butt/hip and it hurt pretty bad but my lungs feel a little better already so that’s good I guess.

I have been awake for a record breaking 8 hours without a nap since I have been symptomatic, so I might try to sleep now and study later or vice versa. Maybe I’ll nap now. I’m not feeling super productive.

Just kidding. I ate dinner. It’s been rough mental health wise because I am not taking my meds at the normal time but I am gonna start setting alarms to take my meds so that I don’t get further off track. Let me just note that I have NOT missed a dose of my psych meds, but I have been late taking them unfortunately. I take them as soon as I remember to take them.

I feel a lot better today than I have since I started feeling sick. At least I can stay awake longer than 45 minutes at one time. My brain has turned into mush. I can’t concentrate and I’m sweating profusely and I’m gross. The thought of a cold shower sounds wonderful but I don’t have the energy to do so unfortunately.

I’ll end this blog for now. Much love and sending healing vibes to all of us ❤


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