Back on my bullshit

As you can see from the photo, I am now blonde again.

Obviously I was not born a blonde so it definitely was bleached and toned a lot to get to this very color and then my roots were done in an ashy brown color. I also got my eyebrows waxed when I got my hair done at Ulta because I was feeling myself that day. Not like I have the money for any of this but I do get paid in ten days so that will be the best day ever.

I start school on Tuesday of next week and I am officially on vacation. I have a wedding to go to for my cousin in Oregon and so I will get to see my whole family which will be happy yet sad. My grandmother has severe dementia and she could die really at any moment because of it. So it’s sad to see her regress as much as she has.

We also get to see (I am traveling with all of my immediate family) my nana’s best friend who is more like a grandmother figure to me than anyone else. My nana has been dead for over seven years now, but her best friend has stayed in contact with us ever since then. She is a Holocaust survivor and I believe she is 91 and originally from Austria. She has her Austrian accent still and is the cutest little old lady ever; I adore her to pieces. I would bring Diego down to see her and they loved each other very much and she felt for Diego since they are both immigrants. She always asks me when Diego and I are getting back together which I think is comical.

Speaking of Diego, I saw him yesterday. Well, kind of. He has the covid from going to a concert and I was working overnight shift and I asked if he needed anything from the store or anything at all. So he paid me some money to go get Gatorade so he could stay hydrated. So I bought that and got McDonald’s for breakfast and gave him a Dutch Bros drink because really I wanted Dutch Bros and I knew he would pay for mine if I got him one too lol.

When I got there I opened the back door to let poncho outside and I let him potty and played with him a bit while I shouted back and forth to Diego about random things. He was very appreciative of me doing that for him and I didn’t mind I was already in town.

After that, I dropped off my work time sheet at the office and got my hair and brows done. I brought lunch to a new friend of mine at work and sat with him for a while and hung out and smoked our vapes.

When I got home, I watched tv and part of a movie with my mom. I finally cleaned the lair so she could actually come and lay in bed with me without things falling off the bed. I still haven’t finished laundry or cleaned off my desks, but the floor is clean minus needing some major vacuuming and my bed is actually habitable lol. In my defense I have so little storage in my room that my journals and planners and books and snacks have no where else to go but the edge of my bed. But that shit accumulates quickly so it makes it hard to sleep in my bed but I’m short so I make do.

I slept for eight whole hours for the first time in a long time last night. I think I fell asleep around 9pm and woke up around 5:30am only waking up twice to use the bathroom which is a record for me. I feel really good and I just took my meds. I gotta get my blood drawn this morning because I have my PCP appointment on the 6th and they need the results before my appointment so they can update my meds accordingly.

I still have yet to pack for this trip but oh well lol. I will have to do that soon so I will let you all go for now and catch y’all on the flip side.

much love,


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