My schedule is insane

As some of you know I have been super sick with something that is similar in symptoms to covid, but wasn’t covid. I have been super congested, had sinus pain, all the little things that go into making someone super sick. Well, today is the first morning a week where I didn’t need to gulp down cold medicine and I am only have mild congestion.

You know how I said I was moving departments at work? It is definitely coming at a cost… I had to work NOC shift (graveyard) from Wednesday night until Thursday morning. Then slept two hours and had to go back into work Thursday to read more files and get my final schedule.

The lady asked me to work on Friday (today) after going from days to graves to work a double shift, so back to back 16 hours with no lunch and then do two subsequent 12 hour shifts over the weekend.

I have my academic advising session today at 5pm, so we decided that I would work 8am or 9am until 3pm in one house. Take a four hour break so I can get food, do my Zoom meeting and chill. And then work 7pm-11pm at the other house. Then I work 7a-7p on Saturday and Sunday.

I am coming up on a manic upswing so I am not as tired as I thought I would be. I am not falling asleep wherever I go sort of tired. But it is hard to transition to this type of work and be expected to work 50-60 hours at any given time for any given duration. Not that the work is hard, it is the scheduling that is hard to adjust to and not knowing when everything is going to change at the drop of a hat.

But I’ve stuck it out this far and I plan on doing so because I actually do like this job. We shall see how I feel like come late night on Sunday. But for now, it is 6:13am I can show up at work between 8 and 9 so I better start getting ready soon in order to confront the day.

Much love,


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