Not only did we reach 10,000 views on Precarious Aquarius as of this very morning, but my good friend Jason Kehl relaunched his website, Rocking Mental Health which he so kindly reached out to me a little over a month ago in order to feature Precarious Aquarius on his blog.


Click on the link to help support this not-for-profit organization filled with pages and resources either created or started for people experiencing mental health issues.

It’s been insane since I got Jason’s email a month ago, my blog has been booming and I hope for the same success for his website. It is a cumulation of different views and perspectives about all different of mental health issues. I am fortunate to be apart of the project and you can even find out my full legal name on his page (He uses my real legal name AND my whole last name) so it makes for good social media stalking.

I feel very blessed to call this community home. To have so many people who have my back in a world that is so cruel and usually self centered feels really good. Ya’ll are like my family. I may not even know your name, but I recognize your usernames and blog titles and I think about each and everyone of you all who looks at my page or interacts with me to some degree.

So if you haven’t clicked the link to Rocking Mental Health, what are you even doing?! It’s free ninety nine and it is a great resource to read and enjoy not only my posts, old and new, but for others to shine their light about mental health and give you some key aspects on how to “rock” and roll your mental status.

And thanks again for 1 0, 0 0 0 views here at Precarious Aquarius. That’s a lot of people and a lot of people looking at some of the weird and nonsensical things I write about sometimes lol. I am so grateful for you all and wish you a better day than I am having.

Ya’ll know I blew my tire up and my car still smells of rubber. But I almost did the same thing with my spare tire today trying to drive 30 miles to the nearest KIA location because they had my tire in stock and for cheaper than les Schwab.

When I was driving on my spare tire, THAT tire almost blew up too! I said to the service technician that my tire was living on a prayer and she looked it over when getting the mileage off the vehicle and she said no shit.

Then she quoted me for not one, but two new tires because the other one had a chunk taken out of it. I called my dad to get his okay to add another tire to the bill while I am here otherwise the same incident could happen again, except much worse. After I got that quote they are like, but wait, there’s more!

My rim is all sorts of fucked up which was said verbatim by the tech. That adds to the price and I got the ok from my mom to go for it since it needed to be repaired and so now I am waiting here and waiting and waiting and I am very antsy and nicotine deprived. I want to go for a run or something I am seriously like crawling out of my skin and I don’t have a chill pill or anything here.

Oh wait I know why. I had not one, but two Red Bulls and one large blended vanilla and hazelnut latte with a caramel drizzle in it because Jeffrey, the barista I used to work with is the best and he gave me 20 ounces instead of 12 that he is allowed to give to “customers”. Jeffrey always hooks me up, even when we worked together back in the day when I worked at Honda.

Now I just need to vape to get the perfect nicotine and caffeine high and then I will crash miserably.

Alright I’m done rambling so good bye for now.

much love,


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