The weirdest thing…

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I took a break from homework to head to the store and get soda. Not that I needed soda, but I was craving a Pepsi after I found out today that I officially hit my pre covid weight of 185, down twenty pounds from 205. I was very pleased and I thought Pepsi and homework go hand in hand so I go to the local store. My best friend is off work today and Diego was also not working so I figured I could get right in and out. But no.

I go to the soda aisle and I see it’s buy two, get three free so I buy five sodas in total, just a little bit of everything. I decided to treat myself to my favorite bourbon so I got that on sale for $21.00 dollars. I get in line and see an old co worker who actually likes me despite the way I left the store almost three years ago (I walked out one shift; I was fed up and suicidal). She asked how my mom was doing and I said not too good; she might have thyroid cancer and has been sick, but not with covid. She empathized with me and said after all I had been through with her and I kinda exclaimed yeah just one more thing and she nodded; she knew about my upbringing. I met her when I was 16 and took care of me like a mom would when my mom couldn’t. She knew my mom had gotten sober and now she found out my mom is sick, like I need anymore straws to break the camel’s back.

Before that conversation, there was a little old lady behind me in line and she asked where I got my hair done. I just got the sides and back shaved (an undercut) and left the length on top. I told her I went to supercuts and get it cut once every two months and I just wash it and go. She thought I at least blow dried it and I said no I am the laziest person ever.

Then I had that conversation with the checker and went out to my car. I had pretty bad depression thinking about my mom at this point. I look up at the truck in front of me and there are three beautiful dogs in it. After leaving Poncho with Diego, I look for dogs now and get real excited when I get to see them. The lady who complimented my hair cut was walking toward the truck with the dogs in it and I asked her what kind of dogs they were, she replied “mutts”.

She then asked if I liked puppies and I said of course and she said she needed someone to play with her two month old puppies at home so she could get them ready to help disabled people and veterans and people in need. She wanted to get the dogs used to social interaction with humans but she didn’t know anyone to invite over to play with the puppies. I asked her if she knew Diego who worked at the store and said he was my ex of seven years and we had our dog together and I had to give him up once we broke up. So I would love to play with puppies.

She grinned ear to ear and I got her phone number and I said I would call her for a puppy play date.

It was like a God thing for us to be in the right place at the right time and now I’m back home, I will definitely call her in the next couple of days and see what happens.

It put me in a better mood, at least temporarily. Now back to the books.

Much love,


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