Anxiety in hibernation

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I took hydroxyzine last night which is not only an antihistamine that I am prescribed, but it is used for anxiety. For the first night in a few weeks, I was able to sleep (mostly) through the night. I got up around 10am this morning and felt good and refreshed.

I bought new sheets and a comforter for my bed via Amazon. I hadn’t had a new comforter since I was 19 or 20 so I thought it was due time to switch it up. My rug and accent pillows are navy blue and white so I got navy blue microfiber sheets and a white fluffy comforter that looks worthy of a nice hotel minus the weird hotel smells and stains. So I had my mom help me get all the sheets on and looking pretty. My room is coming along nicely. I will have to do a room reveal once it is finished.

After my bed was done, my mom asked to step on the scale. So I went on it after her and I have reached the lowest weight that I have been in a long time — 187 pounds! My heaviest was 205 last year around this time so since then I have lost almost 20 pounds. It’s weird because last month I think I was 193, so this is improvement.

I was able to make a fairly healthy lunch and then got out my budget planner and notebook. I made a plan for my tax return and it will all go to debt or savings. So that is good. I also assessed the damage of me not doing school the past couple of weeks. It’s not pretty, but it’s survivable. I can catch up this next week and be caught up. So that took a huge weight off my shoulders; I was too afraid to even assess where I was at, but that’s what made the damage so bad to begin with. I will email faculty tomorrow morning to communicate why I have so many missing assignments and communicate my plan to my professors.

Now I am dead tired from doing that (not that I did a lot today because I didn’t, but today was the first day without anxiety so I was able to be productive.) I am going to take more hydroxyzine to keep the anxiety at bay and night night Dani, I go.

Much love to you all and thanks for all the supportive comments and messages.


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  1. It sounds like you had a good day! Happy Valentine’s day ❤️

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