Last Call

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It’s over. Finally done. This job, my relationship with Diego… but hey, at least I don’t have covid.

I have to be out by February 6th, so happy fuckin birthday to me. I am irresponsible and can’t be trusted, he said. I said let’s make this easier on ourselves and let us finally give us permission to each other and to ourselves to move on… once and for all. And he called it.

My parents are gracious enough to let me live back at home. I just want to find a new job and do school and that’s it. No more relationships, no nothing. I am over it.

I mean, my plans never go as planned so who knows what is in store for me. At least I have a doctor’s appointment for my med adjustment tomorrow so that should help me hurt less.

I think I am masking pretty good right now; masking the pain that is. But in the next few days expect a post where I ugly cry and write all my feelings down lol. It should be a glorious brain dump of bipolar emotions and feelings.

I think that’s everything for now…. I hope things feel better soon 😦

Much love,


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  1. Stay strong. You will make it through.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. Although kind, my words aren’t for the sake of kindness. They are to remind you that you do in-fact have the ability to overcome anything. The “issues” we have to manage will someday be looked upon as super powers! The journey will be lonely and sad at times, but the moment you feel it, all the struggles will be worth it. See I’ve only experienced the feeling of real happiness once. It’s enough! I’m better prepared to handle the bad days now. My journey travels through low lands still, but I’m learning to guide my brain toward good instead of making things worse. Small piece from my experiences. Keep focused on your center.

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