COVID-19 Symptoms

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I have had a severe headache since Friday of last week. I went to work yesterday and ended up coming home early because I felt like utter shit. My boss had covid last week and yesterday was my first time meeting her and she was very rude to me. I get she has a lot on her plate, but if someone thinks they have covid, they shouldn’t be at work. They should get tested and only come back once it’s negative. But I was told by the director of dental and medical that as long as I wear a mask, I should get tested and get to work.

How does that make any sense? These policies are the reason why more than half of my department have gotten covid in the past month and honestly there would be less lost time and less turn over if people were given the ability to leave when they feel sick. Yesterday my direct supervisor rolled her eyes and gave me a look when I said I needed to go home, “Well I am not a doctor and cannot determine if you’re sick or not so I *guess* you can go.” Say no more! I got my shit and left. I was irate. It took every fiber within me to not throw my badge on the counter and say bye bitch. But like Diego told me yesterday, it’s not like I have another option for another job in my back pocket unless it’s McDonald’s.

I just cannot put up with blatant disrespect from upper management. All day Monday I was miserable and she even snapped at a woman who uses a wheel chair. My supervisor said to her, “Can you even move your hands to type? Can you even do this job?” and asked her to move her hands to show dexterity. I could not believe my ears. I said nothing, but I heard. I want to talk to that girl to see if she wants me to report it to HR. Because if she’s fine with it, that’s one thing; I don’t want to make a bad situation worse for her. However, if she was offended, my supervisor should be reported.

So I got a covid test about a hour ago and I am supposed to go back to work but I am not returning to work until my covid test comes back negative. I don’t think anyone should have to be subjected to getting covid and getting their families sick and sacrifice their life for a barely above minimum wage an hour job. Plus, even if I don’t have covid and have strep throat or something else contagious, I shouldn’t be in the office within six feet of someone as I train.

So I am home at least for a couple of days. It means I can get caught up on school work and lay low. I don’t see me in this job for very long. I thought about staying for the medical assistant apprenticeship, but I cannot fathom being with a company who blatantly disrespects their workers and treats health not seriously.

I have most of the covid symptoms and I am feeling progressively worse as the day moves on. I am drinking a blended rebel from Dutch Bros. We went through the drive thru after my covid test. So it feels good on my throat. I am super achy and whiny because I don’t feel good. But homework doesn’t stop just because I’m sick so I got to get on top of that, which I will. I did a lot yesterday. I got a 70% on my psych exam which sounds bad but those exams are H A R D. So I am pretty happy with that. There is a glitch in the homework system so my grades didn’t compute over to Canvas (the school website for classes) so my grade at the moment is tanked so I won’t share that, but all my other grades are either 96% or 100% so that is excellent.

Also, I got nominated for the National Society of Leadership and Success for being an exemplary student. It costs money to join so I won’t join but the recognition through my school and through this organization came as a complete surprise and shock. But in a good way.

In other news, it is my birthday week (I will be 24 on February 6th) and it’s the birthday of Precarious Aquarius on February 10th! Precarious Aquarius will be 2 years old this year and if you’re looking for a good way to celebrate either me or the blog, feel free to give this post a like, share, comment, etc. I would like to hit 300 followers by the 10th which means we only have 6 more people to go. So if you enjoy my content and mental health awareness, share with your blogger and non blogger friends alike and spread the good news!

Much love,


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