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Hey, ya’ll! Long time no blog. I have been dead tired from my new job. It seems like it’s simple enough though, but it will be exhausting because it’s still work nonetheless. I am basically a scheduler in a call center of a doctor’s office. We are a small non profit who services medical, dental, and behavioral health needs. My job is not what I wanted to do initially. I wanted to be a community health worker who did outreach events at homeless shelters and in the jails, providing resources to them. Unfortunately with having a not so perfect driving record, I couldn’t be placed in that position so I ended up in the call center.

My first few days I was at a different location, in their admin building and it was extremely boring, but I made a friend who works at that location. At my normal location, I’m among all women except for one Spanish male who speaks with a heavy accent. The gals seem nice enough but I’m not one to get to detailed and intimate because women tend to stab others in the back once they learn enough about you. So I am trying to be as drama free as can be.

I am a little behind in my school work. I get home before 6pm after traffic and I go to sleep by 8:30pm leaving no time for my studies. I am going to catch up this weekend, but I’ll get 10% docked from my grade in both of my psychology classes for turning in my initial discussion board posts late. Oh well!

I’m adjusting and not well to this new rhythm of work and school again. It’s hard and especially this semester. This shit is the real deal and trying to learn a new job and the ins and outs all while doing and learning new things full time at school is definitely challenging. I am still contemplating doing the medical assistant apprenticeship, then getting my BS in Nursing from the local community college which is about three blocks from my office and then getting my ARNP in psychiatry. Either with my master’s in nursing (ARNP) or getting my master’s in social work, I can become a designated crisis responder. The apprenticeship would help take two years off my schooling and I could graduate with less debt. Either way, I am happy but I feel like I am being called toward this apprenticeship. So I am hopeful that I will get it.

I’m exhausted so I am heading to bed so I hope all my pals here in the blogosphere are well 🙂

Remember: you are loved, you are cherished, and you are worthy.


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