Up and At ‘Em

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

I woke up before 6am today. I think I went to bed just before midnight. I was too preoccupied looking at wedding dresses and engagement rings last night lol. No, I am not engaged, but sometimes it is fun to fantasize about getting married.

I called Diego just now, wishing him a good day today at work. I am not sure how busy his department will be today. I know the store will be a mad house, but his department varies.

I got to help my mom with Thanksgiving sides and do as much as we can today to make the actual day of cooking much easier. I think this year, we are making a prime rib that I got on sale for $16.97 and it was originally $42.00 normal price. I think it’s about three pounds which is more than enough for my parents, Diego, and myself. Not to mention mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and green beans with bacon and onion. Oh! And three pies; two pecan and one big pumpkin that my dad is gonna buy today.

I don’t think we are making anything else but that should be more than enough food for the four of us. My sister and her husband are stopping by in the morning, but will be going to her husband’s family thanksgiving. My sister is gluten, wheat, and dairy intolerant, and they have more things she can eat over at their house.

I think we are gonna try to eat around 1pm or 2, just whenever it gets done. We’re starting as soon as we wake up to make everything. My dad told me mom is excited to teach me the ropes of how to do dinner for the holidays. Honestly, I am excited to learn. Since I was 16, I worked retail at the store with Diego so I always worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day so my parents always brought Diego and I a plate of food and/or we had thanksgiving on a different day entirely so our whole family can be together.

Now that I am older and am not currently working, I actually have the time off. And I am ready to help out like I should. I am grateful for my mom; I know I won’t have her in my life forever and life is so delicate and fragile that I cannot risk opportunities like these to not take advantage of quality time together to learn recipes, and do the prep work. Plus I love to cook. My mom no longer likes to cook, but she holds the knowledge so I figure I will end up doing a lot of the work and she will be my sous chef.

So once we all eat and chat and get our time together in, Diego and I will go to his parents’ house for thanksgiving there. His mom is always late and his dad works til 4:30pm anyways so we got to wait until then to eat anyways.

Diego gets off work at noon tomorrow and then he will either come straight to my house or go home and get Poncho and bring him back here to eat. We are going to play it by ear. My parents have two cats so we will have to put them outside when Poncho comes over. The cats are both older and don’t need to be harassed by a puppy. Actually, it is Poncho’s birthday tomorrow so we are gonna try to get him a good piece of meat to eat and I think we are going to get him so new toys for Christmas because he’s destroyed most of his chew toys and started chewing on the couch, which is no bueno.

I got my work cut out for me today. But it should be a good day.

Stay tuned.

Much love,


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