Schedules don’t equal perfection

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As I am slowly easing into this short term / longer term break from work and the schedule that comes with not having to be at a 9-5 everyday, or for me, a 7am-7pm. With that being said, I have been harder on myself for how I have been spending my excess time when I am not either sleeping or doing school. I should say that I am not being hard enough on myself for the lack of schedule I keep. Most days I get up and go to sleep when I feel like it and I procrastinate most of the day until evening and that’s when I know I have a lot of homework that is due either that same night or the next day.

I used to be a firm believer in putting myself on a strict schedule in order to succeed in life. But to create the perfect schedule for your everyday needs to suit when you will be the most and the least productive seems to me like that takes more actual work than just doing the work itself. I love schedules, I really do. That’s why there is so many Bipolar Daily Routine blog posts on this website.

So how do I organize what I have to do everyday if I don’t implement a schedule to perform certain tasks?

Answer: my planner.

I have two planners and a notebook with enough blank pages in it for each day that I might have to write things down. I have a planner just for school assignments and then I have my catch all planner which holds my work schedule, doctor’s appointments, major school items such as my scholarship application that I still need to do, self care, and other stuff. I highlight the topics according to category so it’s blue for other, appointments is yellow, orange is self care, pink is work, green is finances, and purple is school. Obviously this won’t work for everyone but I wrote a brain dump list of what topics could come up in my planner and those are the six terms and colors that correlate to what I have going on in my life.

My notebook is for any ideas that I have that I just need to get on paper using a pen. My weekly planner pages are tiny and there isn’t any room for extra thoughts and instead of cramming random ideas in the corners of the pages, I bring a basic dollar store spiral notebook everywhere I go. I use it for budgets that I don’t have the time or the know how to put it into the website called Notion. Notion is awesome and I primarily use it for budgeting but it can literally organize your whole life and the neat freak inside of me adores it. But sometimes Notion takes too much time if you are an organization perfectionist like me, which means that paper and pen will do just the trick.

My planner works like this: I list the top appointment or item at the top of the page to make sure that I get to that appointment on time. Then I build my schedule around that time block for that appointment or meeting. I list my activities based on importance of getting done. So If I do all the important must complete today items first, anything else on the list is a win.

I have to give myself grace during this adjustment period in my life because it’s hard to be off work and not know when I’m going to go back. It’s like I need to live my life, but I can’t because next thing I know, I will get that call to report to my new position with the company.

But at the same time, I got to be a little hard on myself because if it were up to me, I would internet browse all day long and make no time for my responsibilities.

On that note, should probably get back to the books and study for my classes.

Much love,


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