Cold Turkey

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As of November 1st at 9:19pm, I have quit vaping.

Now ya’ll may be proud of me, which is nice and appreciated… but I don’t have the best reason for quitting smoking.

I had been mentioning here on the blog that I was gonna quit smoking for quite some time. And I had reduced down in my smoking greatly. I was at a 12 Nic strength and after being on that for over a year I went down to a 6 nic around the beginning of October. I went down to a 3 nic, as of the 29th of October. I decided on the 29th when I got two 60ml bottles of vape juice for the price of one (which is $21.80), I got the lowest nicotine strength for both and decided that once I finish those bottles, I would be done with smoking, no going to a 0 nicotine strength and continue to vape I would be done with it forever.

I went to Diego’s house on Monday the first, I had been noticing the slight change in nicotine strength but my mom and friends and Diego were saying I was smoking less even when consuming less nicotine. I set my stuff on the kitchen table and I hear my mod fall over. I didn’t think much of it since I knock over my vape all the time. But my tank is made of glass and this time you could hear the glass tank shatter as it contacted the wooden table top.

I hadn’t taken my tank breaking or any part of my mod breaking into consideration of quitting smoking.

I first start to panic and smoke out of the broken tank which shattered all along one side of the ovular shaped containment. I got nothing but possible glass molecules in my throat and lungs. Because it was so late, I wouldn’t be able to get a new tank until the next day around 11am which would be 14 hours of being smoke free. If I couldn’t wait that long I could go to the store and get cigarettes which I don’t like to smoke or those fancy JUULs which are like disposable vape mods and are small like a weed vape pen.

I decided that this was my sign to quit smoking.

I have now been vape free for 1 day 22 hours 26 minutes and 29 seconds. I have saved almost $10, I would have smoked a third of a 60ml bottle of vape juice by now, I have avoided 2,451 puffs off of my mod, and I have avoided 228mg of nicotine.

I have quit gambling. I have quit drinking. But nothing has been as hard as quitting smoking. But I intend to stay strong. I have been chewing a lot of gum and eating a lot to distract me and it helps a little bit, but I hear that after the third day, it gets a little better. But I legit want to kill someone right now I am so agitated and antsy and angry.

We shall see what the next few days bring us. I am ready as I will ever be.


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