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Day 26 of the Blgotober challenge. This is almost it, ya’ll. Less than one more week left in the month of October. And it’s only going to go by quicker as the minutes pass us by.

There is a storm coming through in my area. I woke up around 7am to wake up and get ready for when I would receive a phone call from work with my new work assignment. I didn’t get a call, so by 8:30am, I called Human Resources. They said my lady was in a meeting and she would call me when she was done.

I ended up falling back asleep until 12pm. Then I wrote in my planner and was gonna try to call HR another time to see what the deal was. For those of you who don’t know, there was a whole bunch of hoopla in regard to my doctor’s note excusing me from the physical portion of the training I was supposed to do. Then it was determined that it was not safe for me to return to the unit that I work in because I have no way to defend myself and I could pretty easily get hurt.

My phone was wonky and I could not call out to work to see what the deal was. I tried using my mom’s cell, and even my mom’s landline. But nothing. So I grabbed my keys and drove in to the HR office.

A hour later of mostly waiting around, I may be able to work after all and I only was excused from the physical portion of the exam, rather than the physical portion of my job. However, if it came to the point where I had to go hands on with a client, I could not do so because I can’t do the exam to certify me to do the physical part of my job.

So she handed me a shit ton of paper work to take to my doctor who will then determine what I can and cannot do. However, she will contact me no later than 10am tomorrow morning after she calls her higher-ups to determine the best course of action. Unfortunately once shit hits the fan in HR, you gotta do everything by the book.

I told her that I needed to go back to work because I am losing over 80 hours here in lost time that I am not getting paid for because they are legally only required to pay me for my one day a week that I work, and not for all the extra shifts that I pick up. But who can live off 24 hours in an 80 week pay period? I certainly cannot.

My brain hurts from the back and forth and all the bullshit. I just want to go to work, is that too much to ask????

Hopefully your Monday is going more swell than mine is. Much love to you all.


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