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Day 15 of Blogtober. Just about halfway into this challenge and I haven’t quit just quite yet. It might as well be a Christmas miracle in October!

Today I received my midterm grades for my classes. Well not one of my classes, but my percentage was consistent for the past eight weeks, so I can assume the letter grade with confidence.

Drum roll please! *makes noise and pats leg aggressively as I type this with one hand*

In Anthropology, a 300 level class as technically a freshman (mind you) I received a B.

In Psychology, my supposed major that I half ass the work and don’t read the textbook, I received a B.

In communications, the thing I have done nearly since birth and have a job at, I received an A!

And for my last class that I hate oh so very much considering the fact that I don’t like people telling me what to do and specially what to draw… in art, I got an A!

With those grades, I have a grade point average oooooofffffffff a



I have not been on honor roll in college since my very first quarter where I was forced to take high school courses over again because I nearly flunked out my senior year of high school because I had an emergency appendectomy and was sick.

I mean, shoot. I was hoping for at least a 3.0 but a 3.5?! I mean to put it in perspective, straight A’s is a 4.0, 100%. But I never fathomed nor imagined I would have been able to do this well for as long as I have. I have put a lot of hours and time into school since August where at that time I was working two jobs, five days a week. Since I quit my lower paying job, I have pulled over 100 hours of overtime in the past two weeks alone. And to say that I am still doing well is beyond me.

I am very fortunate for the tight knit circle that I do have in my life. My mom, dad, even my sister. Brent, my best friend. Diego, my other best “friend” / more like boyfriend friend. My extended family. And for even my blogosphere family. That means YOU! Without you all reading, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I read every comment and try to check out your blog if you comment and even follow back. I care about each and every one of you. To my consistent commenters, you know who you are, I think about you all fondly and often and wonder how you all are holding up. And to my active readers. Thank you. Your support and likes and sharing to others helps me immensely. Not financially because this blog was never about making money… but for getting my story and message out.

If I have positively impacted at least one person by sharing my life so publicly and honestly, then I have done my due diligence. My life, my past, my story has never been easy, but is always worthwhile. Through Christ, I am redeemed and loved and cherished and saved and with Him, I owe my life to. I have always felt it my duty to help others and I do that in my job as a behavioral health tech working with acute mentally ill patients and through my blog, sharing my mental health journey.

I am fortunate that my medication has been so effective lately because I know it won’t always be this way and hasn’t always been like this. It has given me the chance to budget and keep track of my finances so I don’t impulse buy as much. With the meds I am on, it has allowed me to work so much overtime without getting burnt out. I am able to have successful relationships with the ones I love because I am not doing reckless things in my manic mind nor am I too depressed to breathe. I am just right. Just like in the three little bears story. There is too little medicine, too much medicine and juuuuuussssttt right. I am right there and very fortunate and within 5 days, I can feel the effects of my vitamin D3 working and I feel even better, so I am grateful for finding those in a box of my belongings when I was trying to find something else! Ha!

I think I have been blogging about so many random things the past six months is that I am doing so well with my mental health. I almost feel as though I need to re-niche myself meaning that I need a different general topic or theme for my blog. Or I could start a second blog, but I don’t know. That sounds like a lot of work and I like the followers and readers that I have here.

But if you ever have content ideas or collaboration requests, please feel free to comment on any post or email me at … theprecariousaquarius@gmail.com. I don’t check that email often, but I will look at it if you send me an email as I get notifications on my phone. I love talking to people so if you just want a pen pal or to email or even FaceTime, I am here. for. it.

I love you all so much and thank you for reading and hearing me out today and every day.

Until next time,


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  1. Bruce Cooper says:

    Well done Dani! Blessings!

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