My Weekend

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I took most of Sunday off from social media and the blog to spend time with Diego since he had Sunday and Monday off from work. I came over yesterday afternoon after he had lunch with his family. Diego and Poncho were excited to see me. We ended up watching the Mr. Roger’s documentary, which got me right in the feels. Then he played video games and I took his debit card and went to the grocery store for dinner stuff and snacks.

I made Zuppa Toscana soup, my favorite from Olive Garden. I make it a lot heartier, with more of the sausage, kale, and potatoes, but the seasonings and flavor is that of the restaurant’s. Diego wasn’t that hungry since he went to the Asian buffet for lunch, but he still managed to wolf down a big bowl of my soup, which made me happy.

Today I started working on a collaboration for the blog, which I will be very excited to share with you all upon it’s completion. Throughout the day, I completed my writings. Diego and I went to Goodwill and Costco. Goodwill because he needed “new” work shirts and I had a gift card from when I bought a bunch of clothes and then returned half of them. So today I bought all of my shirts, plus half of his, and he only owed less than $20! So it basically was like free clothes day.

At Costco, he got some stuff I forgot from the store. Just basic house stuff in quantities that we don’t really need. But then we got to check out which meant it was time for food! I got us a pizza, a chicken bake, and a hot dog, and he had grabbed a rotisserie chicken earlier and there is leftover soup so dinner and lunch were now covered.

Last time Diego got a rotisserie chicken, he left it on the kitchen table in the center and somehow, someway, when Diego wasn’t around, Poncho knocked over the whole chicken and ate just about every scrap of meat he could. Granted, it made him very sick outside of the house, but Diego returned and he was like “You son of a bitch, Poncho! How did he even get to my chicken?!”

So this time around I gently teased him about the chicken, but when we got home, Poncho had gotten into most of my candy that was sitting on the table so I guess we are even now. ‘

Nothing else eventful happened and now Diego is asleep while I remain awake for countless hours.

Much love,


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