Third Job Offer Takes the Cake

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Early this morning I received a job offer for the mental health position, not the supervisor position, but the tech position. Although I was excited to be picked up for this job at all, I am sad I didn’t get the management position that I had wanted and felt that I interviewed well for.

My mom tried to comfort me and say that the other person would quit or it wouldn’t work out. I said that is possible, but unlikely. Then my mom asked if I needed my bachelor’s degree to get the supervisor position and I said no, so that made me feel worse about not getting the position.

Another blow to the self esteem was when my pay rate was near the bottom end of the range rather than the top end. I know this will change with time and with my degree that I will obtain, but still sucks.

With my parents and Diego, I made the decision to accept the job at the mental health place and do the retail customer service job for at least the summer to have dual income. The mental health job is only guaranteed the 12 hour shift on Wednesday’s, no other on call shifts are guaranteed, so I want/need back up because I can’t live off of $175 per shift after taxes. I mean $700 a month is good for working 4 days in total a month, but I can’t live off that with the debt that I’ve accrued.

I imagine I will work weekends and some weekdays at the retail store. For reference, the store sells groceries and all sorts of general merchandise products such as clothes, stationary, toys and games, electronics, beauty, etc. It’s where white girls like to shop and think it’s the fancy step up from Walmart. It rhymes with Sarget. That is, if they respond to my counter offer for employment. I just asked for a different start date so hopefully I will still get the position, but we shall see.

I’m still bummed about the job not being what I wanted but instead I should be grateful that I have a job that aligns with my school schedule at all. I went over to Diego’s around 2pm because he was gonna hang out with a friend after work and then come home to see me. But he needed me to let Poncho out. He ended up working an eleven hour day so he went straight home. I didn’t sleep good last night and woke up at 7am so I was in bed resting with Poncho when he came home.

I must have fallen asleep for an hour because I woke up to an hour long phone conversation with my sister. She is an online personal trainer and has agreed to take me on as a client and in lieu of payment, I just gotta publicize for her and give her a testimony for her work in training and coaching me. I will be blogging about my nutritional and weight loss journey starting June 28th because that is the Monday after I get my cast off and my vacation will be over by then.

After I got off the phone with her, Diego was mad that I slept while he was home and he asked why I should even be here if we aren’t going to be on the same sleep schedule. I told him that he asked me to come over to feed Poncho and take him out since he had been home alone all day. I told him to take a hot shower and he said for me to make him a drink. I assumed alcoholic, but he just meant ginger ale or water. So I made him a Tito’s vodka and ginger ale. I poured a good two shots in there and gave it to him to drink after his shower.

Not gonna lie, being around the smell after he drank and he kissed me was tempting me to want to drink myself super bad. But I need to be around alcohol and he should be allowed to drink; he had a long day and he’s an adult in his own home. He shouldn’t have to monitor his actions due to my inability to drink.

We both had calmed down and spent some time together. Now at 9:04pm, he is in bed and I am in the kitchen writing my blog. I brought my Nintendo Switch so I can play my game and watch random videos on YouTube. Let the boredom commence!

Much love,


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  1. It may not be the job you were after, but I just thought I’d drop a comment to congratulate you on this. It’s still forward progress. Wishing you all the best!

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