Another day, Another job offer

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Later this evening, I received a phone call from the first job I had applied to. I had interviewed online via video early in the week and they called to let me know that they were offering me the job. They said I could start in the middle of next week and that I would be emailed with the offer letter shortly.

I admitted over the phone I had another interview coming up and asked if it was okay if I could get back to her on Monday with a decision either way? She said that would be fine and she would be looking forward to my phone call.

I feel bad now applying to all these jobs and now receiving job offers to at least two of the three establishments. I am waiting to hear back from the mental health place on which job I will be getting, whether it be the tech position or shift supervisor. Either way, that is the company I would like to work for. I am hoping that I do after all, get the job. Nothing in life is guaranteed and you never know who has applied in two days since I have had my interview.

I’m not sure why I am doubting myself now; I have two jobs whom want me and have given me job offers. It’s not ideal either of these other jobs, but it’s what’s available and in my desired work field. I am hoping to call the mental health place late afternoon on Friday if I don’t hear back sooner about the position. I am very anxious thinking about the whole ordeal, but there is a back up plan and that’s all I could have asked for.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to an early afternoon movie at the theater. I am excited for the bit of normalcy and to get this job thing off my mind. We are going to see, “In the Heights” which has stellar reviews and looks pretty good. I don’t really want to see it, but my mom does, so I’ll watch a free movie for her benefit.

I got a new video game for the Nintendo Switch called, “Yonder” and it kind of gives off some Zelda vibes, but is a non violent RPG and you get to build your character to go on this quest to find home and it’s really well made. Very peaceful and I could sense me spending countless hours on this game. I only played a little bit yesterday and had to stop because despite how much I wanted to play, I was dead tired. Plus it’s on sale in the Nintendo shop for a little over half off. Normally it’s $29.99, and for the next few days it’s $14.09. I had shop credits, so I paid $7 for it and even paying the $14.09 would be well worth it.

I also got an email today in regard to my medical leave that’s supposed to be paid by the state. They asked for pay stubs from all the jobs I have worked in the last 18 months. I couldn’t find all of the paycheck stubs, so I sent her the stubs I had and each tax return I had from each former employer. I also found a list of all my former employers in the state for a two year time span and sent them that list with the quarters and years worked, along with the hours total worked in each job.

Hopefully those 8+ documents will suffice and I can move on and get paid for my medical leave. I think they were having trouble figuring out what to pay me because the pay I get for medical leave is based on the highest amount of pay over a three month period. I hope this works for them because if I get up to 90% of my prior highest pay, it will be much more than what I currently make and I’ll be a very happy girl and put money toward debt.

I think I can even claim surgical leave when I go back to work because I am planning on going back sooner than 12 weeks post-operative. But I won’t count the chickens before they hatch. I’ll be happy with back pay from my surgery week going forward.

Although I realize I am not entitled to anything in this life, I do feel like I was wronged by the navy when they never felt obligated to pay my leave of absence or for my third foot surgery, even though my accident happened on government property. I would still be working for the navy had I not gotten hurt that day… Shake my damn head. But whatcha gonna do? Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Anyways, I digress. Now that things are finally going right, it’s hard not to feel guilt that I shouldn’t have all these good things going for me. I am finally letting God take control of my life and it’s working marvelously! Imagine that! I think my car accident was the break down and cry for help I needed to get help from friends and family to finally break through. I am sober now, I am focusing on my education, I am getting a job that aligns with my passions and goals for my education, I am working on lowering the amount of debt I am in, and once my cast is off, I will be working out and eating right, no more excuses.

I guess sometimes you need a kick in the teeth to see what you’re really worthy of fighting for.

Much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    I even doubt i have the job when i get the job… i worry it’ll all fall through after i put in my two weeks and the new job will not want me. I guess i worry I’ll be seen as a fraud even before i start. Fingers cross you get the job you want

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