So you’re saying that I’ve got a chance?!

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Don’t let the photo mislead you, I am not back into gambling or really even craving gambling. I just searched free photos with the tag ‘chance’ and this is what came up! I think cards, chips, and dice games, gambling related or not, carry lots of chance and possibilities of being different than what you want or what you can expect.

But I went in to the grocery store today to meet up with Diego after work. I went to talk to my best friend who also works there and I inquired to Amanda, the front end manager, about my application. She just finished lunch and got back on the clock and she broke the news that the bookkeeper didn’t want me back after I left abruptly with a no call/no show on my last shift. The store director didn’t care either which way if I got hired or not since he’s gonna retire soon. But he decided to side with the hiring manager, which in this case is the book keeper.

I have mixed reactions and emotions from people who work there when they see me. They either love or hate me and the assistant bookkeeper and the front end manager love me, but if the store director defaults the decision making to the book keeper, there is no changing her mind.

The book keeper is close friends with the workers that despise me the most and they bitch and bitch and bitch to her, but what I don’t understand is if I would be working the evening shift part time, why would they care if I worked if they get off of work by the time I clock on? Another thing I don’t get is that if I was such a bad worker, I don’t know why they didn’t ban me from the company? I mean, I am happy I’m not blackballed from the grocery store business, but something doesn’t feel right about the situation,

My friend also spoke with the store director, but there was no changing his mind. But when I was talking to the front end manager initially, she said I could apply to any other store in the area and would have a better chance of getting a raise, the hours I want, and the days I can work.

So with relentlessness and resilience, I applied to a few other stores in hopes I will get a call back.

Today has been a good day despite that slight bit of bad news. I watched tv with my mom most of the morning and early afternoon, I went to the grocery store and talked to a few different people, and then cooked dinner for the first time in about 10 weeks due to being in and out of a cast. I made spaghetti and we, Diego and I, also had salad. It was super good, even thought it hit nearly 90 degrees F in Washington today.

So I have been applying to jobs and then started this here blog. I surprisingly feel pretty normal despite how I felt like crap all last night and day. My shoulder is stiff from the covid-19 vaccine, but a warm shower this morning helped with the discomfort.

I am very thankful I didn’t receive too many adverse side effects from the vaccine. My parents get their second shot in a couple of days and they are older so I hope that the adversity doesn’t’t hit them too hard because I can’t do much to care for them due to my cast on my leg and foot.

I really hope I get this job because it would relieve my stress regarding school and it really determines the type of course load I can take, because like I said, class failure is not an option.

I have a decent job now, but the schedule does not share the same flexibility that the grocery store does. But if I can’t get this job, I’m not sure what my next move is, but I have a chance and I’ll continue to take life one step at a time.

Much love,


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