It’s Oh So Quiet

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Nothing beats the nights when you’re by yourself, in your own little world before the rest of the world awakes. Diego and Poncho are sleeping in the bedroom while I am in the kitchen working on my digital planner from Notion. All I can hear is the faint snores from both Poncho and Diego and the clickety clack on the keys smacking into the keyboard as I tap on the keys. Clickety clack, clickety clack. It is so therapeutic and peaceful.

Normally I would have music on but I don’t want to wake Diego or disturb Poncho. I have been snacking on my evening popcorn and I don’t want Poncho to smell it otherwise he will hound me for some. Get it? Because Poncho is a hound… *sigh*

Although my sleep schedule is all messed up due to my high pain levels, I have been very productive this evening. After playing Goat Simulator on Steam on the MacBook with Diego, Diego went to bed and I began my night. I emailed some documents to Human Resources at my work because I never emailed them with my doctor’s note for some reason for my leave of absence. I have been waiting for them to fire me, but I think it’s not going to happen, like it or not.

The reason I want my job to fire me is because I need a job working less hours than what I am working now. I work about thirty hours a week, but that is entirely too much for when I go to school in August. So I have a job in mind to go apply to if and when this dealership does fire me, or I’ll have to quit, which would suck.

So I emailed HR, then I scheduled an appointment at the dealership for my vehicle to get serviced. It’s not quite ready to be serviced, but I have to take Lana, my KIA, in for a recall. So I figured I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone by scheduling it all at the same time, same day. I couldn’t get in til the middle of June which kind of sucks, but later is better than never. I won’t need the car anyways since I am laid up so this is the time to get everything squared away.

After I set up the appointment online, I worked on my budget on the website, Notion. It is a very cool digital planner and calendar that can organize your moods, what you did that day, what you did that week, it can plan your budget, your expenses, your vacations, your business, you name it. Ever since I heard of it, I was hesitant to check it out, but I am happy I did. I will implement both digital and physical planning into my daily routine and I have found it very helpful.

I am taking a Notion break to blog because when I look at numbers too long, my eyes start to cross over and then I lose all productivity. Plus I am getting a little sleepy, so me dozing off at the kitchen table is not ideal.

I am trying to stay awake so I can finish these tasks, but there is no real deadline so I don’t have to rush anything. However, if I don’t get some of these tasks finished soon, I will never do them. Granted, all I have on my agenda now is fix my Notion and figure out school loans and other school stuff, which gives me a false sense of importance and a little bit of urgency. Well, urgency in regard to the school matter.

As far as school goes, I have to submit one last transcript from my community college where the university will see I failed a non collegiate math course and got a barely passing grade in English 102. I hope it doesn’t affect my admittance to the school, but I don’t think it will.

In the next couple of weeks, I am meeting with my academic advisor to figure out how all this university stuff works and figure out my loan situation and how many classes I should take my first semester. If I remember correctly, four classes makes a full load, which seems pretty intimidating, but if I don’t go full time, then I will pay a tremendous amount more in student debt.

I am feeling more inclined to take a full load so I can graduate “on time” or closer to it. My classes at community college only accounted for 10 credit hours. I know I had about 40 credits toward a 90 credit degree, which is an associates of the arts degree. I also know a lot of my classes didn’t account for credit at university for some reason. My new school Is on the semester schedule versus the quarter schedule I know and was used to. So to my knowledge from orientation, 10 credit hours is a little short of one semester, so it could take me til 2025 to complete my bachelor’s degree.

This is all a mystery to me, so I guess we will find out soon enough how this all will work out.

Much love,


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