T Minus 3 Days

It’s crazy to think about the fact that I am having a major surgery in less than three days! A third major foot surgery in three years and this surgery will make a total of eight surgeries in twelve years.

Wow, I sound like a medical mess for those who are just reading my blog now.

I mean, I am a medical mess; full of bipolar and various mental health issues, a non diagnosed stomach issue, a diagnosed bladder disease, and asthma. I think there is more, but those are the main ones that come to mind.

The past three days off of work have been very eventful and full of stuff happening in my life. I get my car back tomorrow after having T-boned my car on the driver’s side pretty badly. I have been getting around by the good graciousness that is my mother who was in the car for over two hours every day getting me to and from work.

I am getting a C-pap test during my medical leave because I keep getting told I snore louder than a train. So that will be good for the rest of my family who has to deal with that obnoxiousness.

I just celebrated a month consecutively of not drinking or using marijuana and it has greatly improved my mental health. I have this on top of the world feeling, without the euphoria that mania, or hypo mania gives you. Doc says we may be able to decrease my lithium amounts if this good feeling doesn’t leave me and I stay sober, which I fully intend to.

Yesterday I worked on a new painting. This is the first painting that I have done since July of last year, which I didn’t realize it was that long until I looked through old photos and realized it had indeed, been since July.

I completed the painting and it is the outline of Washington state and in the map are traits that the state has so I have an apple, because we are the apple state, and a fish because our seafood is the best, the Space Needle, and a cup of coffee. Last, but not least, we have “Home of the Coug” and the Washington State University logo, which is the school I will be attending this fall.

Today I hung up all my paintings on the walls of my bred room and deep cleaned everything and did laundry. I am very proud of myself because my art work looks so cool and I finally feel like I am home. I showed my dad when he got home from work and he said it looks so good now that I got to start paying rent to live here.

I think he was joking about that, but still. I owe him big time for some upcoming costs of surgery and car repairs and what not, it’s not fun to think about now that I’m out of a paycheck for a whole month. But this is a positivity post, not a negative one!

I am excited that I am getting off on the right foot, quite literally in more ways than one lol. The rest will just come and go in hopefully a peaceful way and hopefully I won’t be in too much pain.

Hopefully you will be hearing from me more since I am home more and will be bedridden for a few weeks.

Prayers for surgery are always appreciated!

Much love,


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