Getting Shit Done

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For feeling as unorganized as I do, I sure as hell make a lot of to-do lists, budgets, and meal prep lists. Every day I have a mental to do list and sometimes I write it done if there is a lot to it or I know I am being forgetful that day. But every week has a new checklist, every week I budget the second I get paid (part of that is a coping skill since I quit gambling), and I make a chore list for Diego and I almost every day and a grocery list twice a week.

I always say I don’t have my shit together, but my bills have never been paid late, I have steady employment, I am paying off my excessive debt, I have a roof over my head, and I am here blogging. I should really do another bipolar schedule now that I am in school and working full time because my life is a living routine now. I do not vary from my schedule and if I do, I will fail my class or possibly classes.

My Schedule

7:30am Wake up. Chain vape to soak in all of the nicotine for the day. I am trying to quit, but that isn’t going very well…

7:35am Mentally prepare for the day. Make mental lists of what to do. Use the bathroom at this time.

7:40am Make coffee and sit at my desk aka the kitchen table which is conveniently located next to my Keurig.

Scroll through Facebook and my blog as much as humanly possibly before I have to start homework.

8am Homework. I always begin the day with English because it doesn’t take much effort for me. I usually try to crank out one assignment in an hour and a half and do some reading from the textbook, depending on the difficulty of the work and how long it could take to complete the assignment.

9:45am Start making my lunch. Get ready for work.

10:15am Drive to client A.

11:00am-3pm Client A

3pm-4pm Drive to Client B

4pm-7pm Client B

7pm Drive home from work

7:30pm Get home, jump in the shower, and listen to music.

7:50pm Put dinner in the oven. Lately I have been putting everything in the oven for the sake of time and minimal prep. I have meat thawed out from the day before and it takes 15 minutes to prep the casserole before throwing it in the oven for about a hour.

8:10pm Check my blog and social media. Finish chart notes from the day if need be.

8:30pm Math homework. I have a rigorous math schedule of one assignment with usually 30 problems, which can take upwards of 3 hours to complete the worksheet. Usually when my dinner is complete, I take it out of the oven and let the food cool off.

9pm Eat dinner with Diego. Sometimes it’s earlier if we eat leftovers, but if I am cooking and he doesn’t get home til 8pm, we eat around 9pm. Usually whoever is home first has to cook, but not always. But most days, I get home earlier, so I make dinner. Which makes him the designated either dish washer or lunch packer for the following day.

9:15pm Back to homework. I usually do homework til about 11:20pm, but no matter what, I must be done with my work and school day no later than midnight. If I get done before then, more time to blog, read, or do anything besides work or school.

11:25pm-12:15am Free time.

12:30am-7:30am Sleep. I force myself to sleep even if I am wired from being so productive all day. I try to go to sleep naturally and take my meds well before this time, but I may or may not have a delicious adult beverage or smoke some cannabis if I am feeling extremely restless.

Back to my post…

This week looks a little different because I am quarantining from potential COVID-19 exposure. I spent my whole morning trying to get in touch with my boss and my clients on if they wanted to risk me coming to their homes and do behavior programs with their kids or if they wanted to do a Zoom meeting or not at all. The oldest opted for one hour of video call, when I normally see that kid four hours a day.

It is much harder for a child with special needs, specifically autism to focus on a computer screen for that long and in my humble opinion, how any of my clients could get through a whole hour of talking to me seemed impossible.

My other kid chose to opt out of programs altogether, which wasn’t surprising. So once we figured out a time, I was able to start on homework.

But after twiddling my thumbs for 5 hours, it was hard to put my brain into gear and start working so I started to clean instead, in hopes that it would give me motivation to do homework. It also didn’t help that Diego had started work at 5am today and would be home by 2:30pm, which meant he would be here for my TeleHealth visit.

I cleaned the house minus the dishes by the time he got home. I even made banana bread! By the time I got on my video call, it was 4:30pm. It went better than I anticipated and got a good 45 minutes with my client.

Afterwards, I resumed working on my English that I had been holding off on and completed the assignment way ahead of schedule. Then I worked on my math which only had 9 problems, but had 5 questions each within the question. After that, I finished chart notes, started dinner, ate dinner, and did all of the dishes.

Now it is 11:12pm, I am way ahead of schedule and I am sitting here, wired, don’t know what to do with myself. I cleaned already so there is virtually nothing to clean, but I have nothing to do! Agh! I mean, I could do more homework, but nahhhhhh.

Being on such a strict schedule has taught me self control for sure and I am thankful for it. But now my self control is getting in the way of my fun time. I have now consumed two vodka’s with sprite, which, I am not sure why because I don’t even like vodka.

Maybe I should sign off just in case I say something I might regret due to intoxication… Ha.

Until next time,


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