Best Christmas Gift Ideas that Cost Next to Nothing

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Finding gifts for others isn’t the hard part, the hard part is finding good gifts that are also inexpensive! So this post will be about all the things you can get someone and each item will be under $30 at the maximum. I will categorize each section into types of gifts or the type of person you/they are.

If you’re crafty…

I always first suggest making a gift and that can be for any and all ages! Especially for kids and teens who don’t have much of an allowance or source of income quite yet, making something from the heart is your best bet. But if you’re late teens and beyond, and you’re good at crafts, making something is not only cool, but you can personalize the item for the person you are giving it to.

You can:

  • Knit, crochet, or sew items such as blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, etc.
  • Paint a painting on canvas or wood or some other material. You can make them a sign of their favorite quote or bible verse, you can paint their favorite place, etc.
  • Take photos of their favorite location or do professional photos for them or their family
  • Make them a funny or cool video using your phone or camera. You could record Christmas morning while the family opens presents and send them as gifts to other family members.
  • Sing someone’s favorite song and record it and send it to them.
  • Draw something.

Pros: Cheap if you already have the supplies. If you have extra finished projects then it is timely and already paid off for.

Cons: If you don’t have supplies or much time, it can be a lot more hassle than what the homemade project is worth…

If you’re into Amazon…

There is always that one person in the group who insists on finding every single gift on Amazon due to simplicity and time. Especially when you’re a prime member, that two day shipping promise allows you to get your gifts with ease during the holiday season. So without further ado, here are some of my Amazon must buys!

These pens for $8.99 on Amazon are to… die…for! I bought them for my bullet journal and I will never look back, I use them for everything.

I think I have shared this before, but this menu board is magnetic and sticks to your fridge and comes with 4 chalk markers for the board and is perfect for meal prep, a to-do list, and even has a grocery list section. All for $18.99, it meets all your kitchen organizational needs!

If you want to search for yourself, there is a whole category dedicated to gifts under $30 for everyone.

If you’re into coffee/tea…

I love getting coffee throughout the year and make sure to shop local so I can collect punch cards. Rather than using those punch cards, I save all of mine and give them to a fellow coffee shop lover and that way, you’re not spending any extra money then you would have already and you can accumulate a lot over the course of the year and give a few (or all) of them out at once during the holidays!

Another way to go is to thrift for coffee mugs and cups or even go to stores such as Big Lots or Walmart in order to get travel mugs, coffee beans, tea, and other beverage accessories on the cheap. You can get a little holiday box from the dollar store and put all the coffee goodies inside!

If you’re into thrifting…

I love, love, love! thrift stores. My new favorite online thrift place is Facebook marketplace. Similar to Craigslist, but less sketchy. I actually bought my fake 6 foot tall Christmas tree with a stand, lights, and ornaments all for $30 yesterday off of market place. Especially in times of the virus, it’s better to online thrift where you can pay using the Facebook app or using other money apps such as Venmo and Cash App, and also do contactless pickup. You. can find all sorts of toys, clothes, electronics, etc. that are practically brand new without the sticker price.

Of course if you prefer local thrift stores and Goodwill and Value Village, they aren’t going anywhere and you can find everything from kitchen gadgets to dishes to pots and pans to games to toys to books and CDs and records, you name it.

If you’re into charity…

Volunteer your time or the money you would have spent on a particular person on their charity or cause of choice! A lot of times we see people posting on Facebook to contribute to their favorite charity for a person’s birthday present and we can do that as a Christmas present too!

Especially if you’re low on cash, but have a lot of love and/or time to give this holiday season, food banks are always needing assistance, those struggling with putting food on the table or buying basic clothing for their families need our help now more than ever. You can always “adopt” a child or family to help out and it will not only make your loved ones feel good, but you’ll feel good too! Another thing you can do is volunteer together with your loved ones! There are ways to social distance and wear masks while working with those in need.

That’s all I have for tonight on cheap gifts, but I hope you all enjoyed reading this and got some good ideas for Christmas gifts or thought of your own ideas! I think I am now officially caught up with #blogmas…. lol it’s only day 4 and I got terribly behind. Yikes! Hopefully I will be better about it.

Much love,


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