Christmas List – Merry #Blogmas

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When I was a kid, every Christmas season I was very adamant about writing myself a Christmas list with every toy and item I could possibly think of. I would write down whatever Barbie toy that would display on the Disney channel as my “top gift” and would write down a few other toys, just in case I had been extra good that year.

Most years, I was very spoiled and received everything on my list, which then in the next few years after that, my list would get longer and longer so I could get more toys. But a funny thing happened. As my list got longer, the amount of presents under the tree with my name on them got smaller and smaller. As I got older and time passed, I would only ask for one thing from each parent and one thing from my sister and I was never disappointed because I would always get what I wanted.

My list went from large to tiny exponentially fast because I then learned the meaning of money and how hard it was to earn it. It wasn’t fair of me to ask for hundreds of dollars worth of gifts when my parents didn’t have that much money to put towards those gifts. As I learned the meaning of Christmas, my thoughts on presents changed entirely. Gifts should be given from the heart, not from the wallet. I have everything I could ever need and more.

So with that being said, it’s hard for me as an adult to create a Christmas list knowing that I don’t need anything. Of course, there are things that I want, but nothing I truly need. Here goes nothing; here is my Christmas list:

  • Medium jacket – I have a big Patagonia winter coat and I have a Columbia fleece jacket, but I don’t have like a normal, yet warm rain coat. It would be nice for me to go back down to Oregon to get a NorthFace coat without the sales tax…
  • New slacks – I need them for work and my fat ass barely fits into my old ones
  • Bullet journaling kit – who ever has enough journals? Not I…
  • Engagement ring from Diego – that is a dream out of my league but it’s Christmas; a time for miracles and him proposing would definitely be nothing short of a miracle.
  • Phone case and pop socket – mine are pretty much covered in paint, or are damaged so it’s time for an upgrade!
  • Laptop accessories – such as a numeric Apple magic keyboard (the typing experience on those things are unlike any other!), a Microsoft arc mouse (had one with my old Surface and I loved the way it fit into my hand; if you can’t tell, ergonomics are very important to me), and a laptop raiser stand.
  • Art supplies – can never have enough canvases and different shades of paint!

That’s about all I have for this list. What’s on your Christmas list?


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