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#Blogtober20 – Day 16

I am actually super excited for this holiday season and I have no idea why. I am feeling very optimistic about this Christmas because I already have my Christmas shopping done. I finished my shopping at the end of September and all of the gifts were shipped to me by early October. By mid November I should be up and walking again, so I’ll be able to go look at Christmas trees with my family and do some last minute Christmas shopping for friends I may have forgotten.

For my family, I got my dad an Oregon sweatshirt, since he always likes to wear sweats when he’s home from work and it is the state where he grew up. My mother has a birthday in the month of December as well as celebrates Christmas so I got my mother a tweezer and a super expensive lipstick that is her shade of pink (because she only wears one shade of very bright pink lipstick) for her birthday. As for Christmas, I got her a Jammie set of black satin bottoms and top that came with matching slippers. As for my sister, I got her a pair of light pink Adidas running shoes since her pair of white Adidas are falling apart. For my brother-in-law, I got him a large grayish-black quarter zip up fleece pullover sweater from Carhartt. I got a surprise gift for my friend, Brent. Considering he reads my blog, I can’t say what I got him.

I don’t have any idea what I will get in return because all I asked for was a good planner and a bullet journal set with pens. I don’t need very much nor do I expect much from others in return. So it should be interesting to see what I will actually get and what everyone else gives each other.

I think I’m more excited for Thanksgiving more than anything else. I’m excited to be able to cook by then and help my mom with a ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans with bacon and onion, and dressing with two pies; one pumpkin and one pecan. I’m excited for the holidays to be surrounded by family and friends and to bask in family holiday traditions.

I think due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, I think I am placing a higher value on family time and family events such as holidays and what not. Family, friends, and time with loved ones is not replaceable, so we must take advantage of the time that we do have with the folks around us.

What has you excited about the holiday season? Let me know in the comments below!

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