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As I prepare for work in the morning, I am still left without knowing if I have a job to return to or not. There is fear in either answer I could receive. I either log in to my computer and I find out I can’t get on the computer because my access is turned off and I’m left with a long three hour round trip drive to return my equipment… or I am able to log on and I’m able to take phone calls to collect debt.

Either way, I am not prepared. I have been at this job nearly three months and I am not trained well enough to take my first phone call. I’m not sure how all the systems work until I get on there, but I know I can’t sacrifice the quality of a call in order to learn what I’m supposed to do. But then again, I could still be able to log on and have a talk with my supervisor and she could ask me what I’m doing on the system.

Last Tuesday, I got a call from Human Resources stating that supervisors cannot approve extended leave of absences and considering I had little to no tenure with the company, my leave of absence was unapproved. The lady said she would get back to me the next day with information on whether or not the company could continue employing me. But she never got back to me. I called repeatedly throughout the week, so I am unsure where I stand.

I am going to log in tomorrow and pretend like that call didn’t happen, unless I receive a phone call from my boss or the HR person in the morning, first thing. There is still a chance I will have to go to the office tomorrow because they had to revoke my system access due to the longevity of my leave of absence. Without access to the company’s system, I cannot do my job or attempt to do my job. So I guess tomorrow will come as a shock to everyone involved no matter who you are.

As much as I detest my job, I am unsure what I could get, job-wise, with the corona virus pandemic still raging on in my state. I would need a job that I could sit down and do my work, and if I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t take the job. I can start walking again come November, but that’s a long time not working or making money.

I certainly couldn’t take a lower paying job, but I guess a lower paying job is better than no job. I cannot sacrifice the results of this surgery and will not do so for just any job. Most lower paying jobs are ones with lots of standing and minimal sitting, so that limits new job opportunities. I couldn’t even take an entry level desk job in Seattle due to the amount of walking that it would take to even get on the ferry and into the city.

I want the job I have to work out solely due to the fact that I am not that mobile quite yet and without it, I would be without a doubt screwed. I am unsure how it will turn out, but I’m trusting in God that tomorrow is just another day and I will get through it.

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  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    That sounds like a horrid mess of a situation indeed, but I do agree – health comes first. Always. Fingers crossed that all just goes well though!

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    1. thanks, I’m hoping everything goes smoothly!!!


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