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#Blogtober20 – Day 9

I had a post previously called Imagine and it was of me singing a cover of John Lennon’s famous song. This happens to be the topic of today’s blogtober post, so I figured I would give a go at what I imagine my 10 year plan to look like.

What I imagine life to be like in the next year:

I hope in ten years (hopefully much less than that), I will have finished and graduated with my Master’s in Social Work (MSW). I am applying for admission to the University of Washington Tacoma this winter as a community college transfer student. I must apply by March 15th and have all of my transcripts and SAT scores submitted by then. I must apply for FAFSA and WASFA by January 15, 2021 for scholarship funds for the 2021-2022 school year.

I am hoping to take two classes Winter 2021 quarter before I jump into my sophomore year to boost my GPA and to complete my freshman year of college. With that being said, I will probably take a break from work from January to March to focus on education and then find a job for the summer before I go off to University. I will try to not work during the school year, but with all of the debt I have from my car to my personal loan, I am unsure if student loans can cover debt like that so I wouldn’t have to work and could just focus on school.

If I don’t get into the UWT this year, I will probably go back to work and try to knock on some more credits to my transcript until I get my associate’s degree and then I can focus on trying to transfer to a university.

I imagine I will be living at home and my dad will drive me to campus Monday through Friday since he works in the area. I would be staying at campus almost 12 hours a day due to his work load, but it beats paying for parking and for gas. If I go to classes from 9am-noon, I can study at school until 5pm or so and get my homework done so I have the evenings free.

I am sure my social life will be nearly non existent next year due to my education and focusing on my studies. But it will be well worth it when I have a high GPA and I can graduate in a timely manner.

Year 2024 – I’ll be 26 years old…

And I hope to be a University of Washington Tacoma graduate with a BASW, otherwise known as a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Social Welfare. I hope within my 3 years at the UW, I meet a nice man who wants to settle down and eventually get married. I worry because once I turn 26, I am getting kicked off of my parents’ insurance plan and if I’m still attending school, I won’t be able to find a job that provides benefits. But I suppose I will get to the bridge when I come to it.

Year 2026 – I’ll be 28 years old.

I hope to be a University of Washington Tacoma graduate with a MSW, otherwise known as a Master’s in Social Work. I hope to be engaged to be married by this point, but who knows what will happen? I hope to find a job being a social worker in a hospital or in a mental health setting where I provide therapy to youth and young adults. My mind may change a million times between now and then, but with my degree, I have a lot of options for what I can do in a career.

Year 2027 – I’ll be 29 years old.

Get established in my career and get married to “dream guy from college”. We find a house to buy and live in. Enjoy life and what not.

Year 2030 – I’ll be 32 years old.

Take care of adoptive or foster children. Put family first and work part time as a social worker while my husband works full time in his career path.

I like this plan, but I’m not sure how accurate it will be or if any of it will happen at all. I guess that’s the fun of this game; it doesn’t have to happen or be realistic as to what could happen. My list here is just a figment of my imagination and that’s okay.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my 10 year plan and I hope it gets you thinking about your own 5 or 10 year plan.

Til next time,


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