San Diego Video Diary

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 – San Diego, CA

Day three in San Diego and it’s been a blast so far. I have taken the liberty of creating a series of videos; a video diary of my trip and I will be uploading them here for your viewing pleasure.

Video #1 on my way to the aiport

On Wednesday I traveled the hour and a half from my home town to SeaTac airport. I genuinely despise flying and if it weren’t for my prescribed Xanax (an anti anxiety medication) I wouldn’t have gotten on the plane.

I met my dad at his office to surprise him and have him take me the rest of the way to the airport. I didn’t want to have to park my car and pay for parking in Seattle because it’s expensive.

My dad was excited to see me and to say goodbye. He drops me off and I get in through security with ease. I had an hour to spare so I get a delicious beverage and some food at a restaurant.

Next thing I knew, it was halfway through my flight after I got out of my mini coma. I start to freak out a little bit because it’s not like I could pop another pill on the plane… once we hit Los Angeles you could see the land and the Pacific Ocean, which is gorgeous at sunset. I was able to snap some photos since I had a window seat.

Chris picks me up outside and he is smiling ear to ear. It was so surreal. He takes me back to his apartment, shows me around. It’s about 9 p.m. at this point and he gets up at 3:30 a.m. for work so we didn’t get much time together. But we talk for a while and he holds my hand as we drive to his place, which was endearing.

Day 2

Before the Adventure

I woke up around 9 a.m. and had access to a car since he drove down here from Washington and used a rental car for work. So first things first was to get something to eat.

We are located in North San Diego, so I drive south towards La Jolla. I grab breakfast at this fancy pancake house and get banana crepes with a coffee.

It was delicious. I explore a little bit of upscale La Jolla and then spontaneously decide that if I’m going to get a tattoo, this is definitely the city to do it in.

Downtown La Jolla, CA

I start googling “walk in tattoos San Diego” and came across SD tattoo which was south, off I-5. I had no intention of getting a tattoo while down here as I assumed most reputable places would be booked out a long time, but was hoping to make an appointment this weekend if there was a cancelation.

Next thing I know, I’m in this tattoo shop and this artist is drawing up designs and the first thing he drew was GORGEOUS. I said. Fuck it, let’s do it.

2 hours in the chair, $450 later, the back of my left forearm is all inked up from wrist to elbow. It is quite actual perfection.

Fresh ink

This is my biggest piece to date and marks tattoo #7 thus far. Worth every penny in my book.

It’s about 3 p.m. at this point and I had promised Chris that I would make him a home cooked meal: steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.

So I run to the store to grab the essentials and some tattoo after care supplies. We talk a while and then I start cooking. His apartment is equipped with some basic kitchen utensils, but it’s more like a bachelor pad. I worked with what I had and was able to have dinner on the table by 6 p.m.

He was very appreciative and thought it was really good. After dinner I say we should watch the sunset or go to the pool. We decided that we would miss sunset so to the pool we went!

The pool was locked and he had no keys to get in. We checked both gates and contemplated hopping the fence. On our way back to the apartment, we check the hot tub out and notice someone left their keys in the lock. We take the keys and apply it to the pool entrance and sure enough, we get in.

We start racing each other swimming laps, laughing and having a good time. Fortunately we did not get caught. I jump into his arms and we start making out. Then the conversation gets a little more serious.

It was apparent to both of us that we liked each other and spending time together was amazing. He was open to dating, but nothing too serious for the time being. It kind of broke my heart a bit considering I wanted to give this a fair chance and the only way for me to personally do that is through a committed, serious and intimate relationship.

His priorities right now is work. He wants to become a supervisor once he graduates his apprenticeship and after getting out of the Navy, this was his second chance at making a good life for himself. I told him that I respected his grind, but at the same time he had to make time for other priorities such as a girlfriend if we were to go down that route.

I don’t think we resolved anything last night and there will be more conversations in the future about the matter. It’s not really the conversation that I wanted because it wasn’t the result I was anticipating.

After we finish swimming, we walk up soaking wet to take a hot shower. We debate politics and other social matters til we fall asleep.

Chris and I, breaking the rules lol

Day 3

We both woke up around 3 a.m. and talk some more. (Nothing too serious). He goes to take a shower and I started making breakfast. I kiss him goodbye and wish him a good and happy Friday.

I start looking at his badge and say that my signature is better than his and he laughs. I say that the only way my signature could improve is if I took his last name, which happens to start with a “D”. I would be Danielle D…. and he smiles real big and said it would suit me and made a sexual innuendo about my breast size and said that the two match. I said don’t sell me too short, my middle name would have to begin with a “D” in order to be an accurate representation of my size. Ha!

As he left for work I made another video.

Game Plan

I think I will go adventuring today while he’s at work and then afterwards, he and I will go to the beach and then hit up a karaoke bar tonight. I’m so excited because this trip is only getting started.

As for tomorrow, Saturday, we will get some breakfast at this Mexican restaurant that I went to last time and maybe visit either San Diego zoo or SeaWorld.

Either way, I’m so fortunate to be here and regardless what happens between Chris and I, I am so happy I came. It’s what I truly needed.

If ya’ll have any advice or suggestions on what I should down while down here, feel free to let me know in the comments!

As always,


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