Moving onward and upwards!

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Big news and maybe I’m celebrating a bit prematurely… but I applied for an apartment with a friend of mine! Although I don’t know yet whether I got it or not, I should know in the next couple of days on how it goes.

On Facebook, I posted to a community page if there was anyone in need of a roommate, I would be interested in renting a house or apartment with them. On Sunday morning, a girl messaged me saying she had to be out of her current living situation by the 25th of September. She is 18, going on 19. SHe has little to no credit due to her age and makes just slightly less than me.

We met up at a restaurant on Sunday evening. It was almost like a date considering I was prepared with all these questions to ask her, and I was super nervous. Apparently she was a freshman when I was a senior in high school and she said I looked familiar. I had no idea who she was, but maybe that’s for the best. I was very hesitant to have a female roommate considering most girls my age can be mean and are super messy. She, however, doesn’t party, doesn’t do any drugs, and has a boyfriend in the navy.

Monday and Tuesday afternoon after work we looked at two apartments. On Monday, she kind of just froze and didn’t ask any questions. She was nervous, hesitant, and didn’t truly look around or even take pictures. As for me, I wouldn’t shut my goddamn mouth and I’m taking pictures and videos and opening every cabinet and turning everything on and off to make sure everything works. I was asking all the questions and she was just not digging it. It was a nice place too! She even picked it out.

We went back and forth that night for me trying to convince her to get the apartment with me. I live near a shipyard and a carrier is coming in with thousands of sailors. And their wives, baby mommas, girlfriends, fuck buddies, etc are on the edge of their seats trying to get a place to live and get their government housing allowances to put some cash down on all of the apartments in the area. So time is truly of the essence in getting and applying to an apartment. Especially for her since she has to be out of her place at the end of the month. I, however, have no rush to move out. I’d just prefer to move out soon because my parents are overbearing at times. But the lack of responsibility and free rent is nice…

On Tuesday, the girl messages me if we could see one last apartment. I begrudgingly said yes. But in my mind, I was determined and stubborn enough that I decided that I would say no to anything I saw on Tuesday. But we had a look-see and it was wayyyyy better than the first place. It was actually 50 square feet smaller than the first place, but the bedrooms were bigger, the kitchen was more modern and had a bigger living room. This was also a street level, corner apartment and the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house. The one bathroom was a little small, but it does the job.

She asked all the questions and truly looked around. But once we were done and got a quote, she looked sad. I said, “Why the long face?” She replied, “Because you want the other place, don’t you?” And I honestly thought I did. But this place was cheaper and was offering a way better deal than the other place ever could. I held up my hand for a high five, and I said, “I’m in if you are”. She smiles real big and high fives me back.

Today we paid the $390 administrative fee and application fees. Now we wait. Yesterday I went to the bar and got a beer and a shot of bourbon for everything is seeming to fall into place.

God is definitely sending a message: this is where you need to be.

I’m trusting in Him that this will all work out, and if it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

So I will keep ya’ll updated when I find out some (hopefully) good news in the next couple of days.

Until next time,


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