Why Bad Things Happen to Good People – Part 2

In my previous post of the same title, I ponder and play with the concept that bad things happen to everyone, but it’s how you deal with the darkness that defines you.

A lot has happened with Maria, myself, and our whole family since this post and I’m excited to share some good news!


On Father’s day 2020 we thought my boyfriend’s mother, Maria had a stroke. She was more or less forced to go to the ER the next day by the staff of her autistic, younger son’s therapists because they wouldn’t release the little boy to her unless she went to the hospital. So everyone in the family pitched in to take care of Pablo and take Maria to the ER.

She was hospitalized for 3 days and eventually found a large tumor in her neck that caused her face to freeze in that position.

Doctors were saying she has cancer to expedite treatment, even though she was not medically insured.

On July 6th, she had life saving surgery where the doctors have successfully removed not one, not two, but three large tumors that were actually in her cheek, kind of behind her right ear.

I have visited or talked to her everyday since the surgery happened. The swelling started getting worse as the numbness from the surgical medication wore off. She was in a lot of pain and is very against prescription narcotics, but has been desperate enough to take them.

On the 8th, the drainage tube was taken out of the incision. She addressed the facial swelling and they said she was on track with the post-op pain and progress.

On July 13th, late at night we found out that all three tumors were benign. Which is great news, so her next appointment is August 19th to follow up and see if the tumors are still gone.

We’re not out of the woods quite yet, but I am appreciative of everyone who is reading for taking time out of their day to pray or think good thoughts for Miss Maria!

Diego and I

Diego is relieved in regard to the good news about his mom, but it’s been a crazy 3 weeks so I think he is still trying to process his emotions. Considering how severe the diagnosis was, this is the best outcome for her and her family, but I think Diego is still in shock of it all; rightfully so.

We have both been preoccupied with putting the house together. We have lived here a month now exactly. It actually looks like a home! We got our sectional couch and ottoman last week and now the only thing we need to do is perform a deep cleaning and I need to unpack the office.

We had a talk about what we liked and disliked about living together. He didn’t have any complaints and my only complaint was that he left the toilet seat up after using the bathroom.

So now that the family stress has died down, we have truly been able to enjoy our home and are excited to have the house warming party.


As some might have read, I got a new job where I get to work from home as a call center rep. I start the 20th. I’m still awaiting my orthopedic surgeon appointment about moving forward with a second surgery on my foot to repair one of the tears to the cartilege that did not stick with the original surgery.

As I await this appointment and potential surgery date, working from home allows me the time to go take care of these things with minimal time off from work, which is something I really need.

This job offers a lot of independence which is much needed for my bipolar disorder. As much as I can sometimes enjoy the social aspect of going to work and seeing my co-workers, they tend to do me more harm than good.

Diego works all day long most days of the week, so I would have the house to myself and my own office to do my work from.


Things are looking up! The pessimistic side of me says something bad has to happen in return for good things to happen…

But like I previously said bad things happen to everyone, but it’s up to us to shine our light and conquer the darkness.

I’m just along for the ride.


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  1. Shelly DS says:

    Thanks for providing an update. I’m glad things are getting better for you guys!

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