Never Have I Ever…

I think it’s interesting how you could be so vulnerable with something like a personal blog, yet nobody knows anything about you besides what you write.

I really want to start creating a dialogue between my readers and myself because I crave for this blog to be something greater than just me talking.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me thus far through the comments section! I try to reach out to everyone and know that you can comment anything and everything on here, whether it be about my content or otherwise.

Anyway this post is going to be kind of an ice breaker to get to know me better if you just started following my blog and should be new information for my followers that have been here since the start of February!

How this works is I will state some things I have never done. All will be the truth and I want you to then like and comment what surprised you the most or what you haven’t done yourself!

1. I have never done hard drugs.

This may surprise you considering I struggle with bipolar disorder, but besides Marijuana, which can be used medically and recreationally in my state, I have never tried hallucinogens, cocaine, heroin, meth, you name it.

I have had opportunities to try coke, but I would get addicted too easily and I don’t have the money to sport that kind of habit lol.

It’s funny because I never even tried weed or alcohol until I turned 18. At 22, I’m still not a big fan or user of either substance.

2. I have never been to a party.

Okay. Birthday parties when I was 10, sure. But I never went to like a college sorority party or even a house party. I was never cool even or social enough to be invited to one.

My social circle back in high school consisted of Christian home schoolers and debate nerds, so I was never invited to a high school party.

I went to community college and all my friends at university either dropped out or never partied, so I couldn’t get an invite that way.

I hate dealing with drunk or belligerent people so Diego never invited me to the parties he went to. It made me sad because part of me wanted to go to experience it back when I was 19, but now at 27, he’s an old man and likes to stay in all the time.

3. I never had a female roommate.

For someone who worked and went to college, you might be surprised to find out I never had a girl roommate. But my first and only roommate was/is Diego.

Although I could have had a female roommate, I never wanted to live with any of my friends, God love them though. I knew it would ruin whatever friendship we did have if I saw my lady friends more often.

Living with a dude is easy. The biggest fight we have is him leaving the toilet seat up and who is going to do the dishes next.

4. Never been arrested.

Or been to jail. Or been to court. I have had a grand total of 5 speeding tickets though 😅 oops.

5. I have never touched a gun.

I grew up very liberal in the sense that I was not allowed to joke about violence, have toy guns or even water guns, and I couldn’t play violent video games. Then when I became old enough to use a gun, I found out I was bipolar and figured it would be a bad idea if I were to own one or be around them.

I’m not suicidal and haven’t been in a long time, but my moods can be unpredictable at times and I can’t afford to lose my life in the blink of an eye.

6. I have never been outside of the U.S.

Although I live closer to Vancouver, Canada than Vancouver, Washington (my hometown) now, I have never been outside of the country! My parents were not ones for adventure and change so I didn’t ride on my first airplane until I went to San Diego as an adult.

I was hit with the travel bug and two years later, I traveled to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. I would love to go to Canada or even Diego’s home state of Jalisco, Mexico. Unfortunately his work visa does not allow him to leave the country, so our goals to visit where he’s from are put on pause for the moment.

7. Never worked in the restaurant industry.

I have never worked in fast food or for a restaurant. I have also never worked in a job where I made tips. The closest to food I have worked with was being a cashier at a grocery store, the same place where Diego and I met for the first time and worked together just shy of 5 years.

I started at the store in 2014, when I was 16. When I was 19, I began working part time at a bank as a teller in addition to the store and addition to going to college. The day before my 20th birthday, I started working as a mechanic for the Navy, something I never envisioned for myself, but Diego pushed me to pursue that opportunity because it was a good opportunity. I misused it. I didn’t put any money into savings and I took it like it was going to be around forever. That’s when i got hurt on the job August 2, 2018.

Before I was to have surgery on my foot, I had to get a job to pay my bills that federal L and I would not pay because they kept denying my claim. I went and worked at a youth psychiatric hospital. I worked graveyard shift. That put strain on my relationship with Diego, so I went back to the grocery store from March to July 2019, when I quit because I was fed up with the lack of pay.

I stumbled upon a local paralegal job that was my dream to do because that’s why I went to college. That lasted 6 months before they found out I was bipolar and deemed me incompetent in doing my job, even though my reviews have been exemplary.

2020 has been rough because I went to job after job after job and they haven’t worked out due to my bipolar disorder or I am still struggling with my previous shipyard injury and found out that I am going to need another surgery in order to correct the issue.

I accepted this new job on the spot because it’s a work from home opportunity where it’s full time and I am making more money than what I was accustomed to at this previous job. I am hopeful that this all will work out and I can keep this job for a long time.

The End

I couldn’t think of anymore things I hadn’t done, but I hope you enjoyed reading my answers!

Til Next Time,


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  1. Shelly DS says:

    Never been to a party? Whoa that’s new!
    You’re not missing anything tbh.. I used to go as a university student just because everyone else was, then when they all passed out, I’d be sitting there surfing the internet until trains were up and running so I could head home! I’m also scared to try drugs because I get addicted very easily to things, and before getting onto antidepressants I had some really dark thoughts!
    I hear you on engagements~ really blessed to have found some amazing people on here that do actually reach out and comment on my posts😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alice says:

    Got me thinking about things I’ve never done…and have. 🤭I like this game. Was most surprised that you’ve never been to a party but I agree with Shelly, you missed nothing.

    Never Have I Ever 3, 4, 5, 7

    Liked by 1 person

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