Home, Sweet Home

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

As most of you who have read my blog know, I am dating my ex-fiance, Diego. I have made various posts about him and I’s story of how we met, became boyfriend and girlfriend, fell in love, moved in together, I cheated, we broke up, I moved out, I moved back in, we worked things out, and got engaged. Then I broke that off we were on and off again til about April 2020 when I confessed my undying love for him and said we gotta elope or it won’t work.

Well, story be told that we didn’t end up eloping. He had bought a house in March before we had gotten back together about an hour away from his work, my house, and his parents’ house. The new house is still residing in the same county, just on the very south end of it. His house is dated, but was well kept. It is a manufactured home built in 1987. The outside is white with sky blue trim and has a matching little shed. The inside has two bedrooms, two bathrooms with an office/den. The interior is 1,700 square feet. There is a lot of storage inside the laundry room and in the bathrooms. The house came with a new roof and a new water heater. The kitchen and bathrooms have the loveliest floral wallpaper, pink counter tops, and brown cabinets that you will ever lay your eyes on.

The first thing completed to the house was painting the white walls to a medium gray color. After that, we switched the globe light fixtures to LED bronze fixtures that match the new bronze door knobs. Then we switched the light switch covers from a tan-ish brown color to white. All we need to do now is replace the tan, shag carpet to a light gray in the bedrooms and the office and replace the living room and formal dining room with the hardwood laminate that covers the kitchen and hallway floors.

The rest can be updated as he goes… I keep saying “we”, but it’s his house, not mine. He was on the verge of getting a roommate to afford the upkeep and new things for the house, but then he tried to get a female coworker as a roommate, and that’s not even the worst of it! He was going to charge barely enough rent to make much of a financial difference and wasn’t going to charge a security deposit for any potential damages. But how could I basically live there with him as my boyfriend and then him live with some other girl?!

We screamed and fought as he asked how I was going to help him pay his mortgage without having a job and without him having a roommate. I asked why he bought a house he couldn’t afford on his own. After that, it was decided he was going to cancel him showing the house to this other girl and that we were going to plan on something different.

This would be the ninth week I have applied for unemployment in the state of Washington and haven’t heard back yet. So I took out some of my inheritance money from my mutual fund and paid off all of my credit card debt, paid two months ahead on my car and personal loans and put some funds into savings. I bought a little something for everyone; a microwave for my parents for helping me out and they really need a new microwave, I got myself a new FitBit Versa 2, I got Diego rent money and a deposit for the month of June and I’m getting my best friend, Brent some booze and such.

It feels so good having money to take care of my loved ones after they have taken care of me for so long. And if you didn’t catch it, Diego and I are moving in together! Now that I paid rent for June, I just have to get a job by July 1st to pay next month’s rent. But I won’t have any credit card debt, just my car and my loan which I can handle.

I started moving some of my kitchen stuff in this weekend and once the carpets are replaced, I can finally start living there. I am stoked for this next chapter and it makes me feel a little less depressed knowing I am restarting my life with the love of my life.

Til Next Time


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