A lot has happened

So it’s been a whirlwind week. After the deaths of two people in my life, my now ex and I broke up. Or to be more accurate, he low key ghosted me and then I called him a fucking disgrace and some other below the belt things after someone you thought was going to marry you then in turn ghosts you… and then he proceeded to block me on Facebook, phone, and Instagram so I guess that means we are over.

It was weird like he was super interested at first and slowly, I am not sure, got bored? Oh well I have moved on!

Prior to this guy I was on the hunt for apartments and I was hanging out with Diego and he mentioned he wanted a roommate that he can trust to not only take care of Poncho but to help with expenses so he can afford his upcoming trip to Mexico and do repairs on the house.

I asked him if I could live with him in a platonic way; have a contract, have me pay x amount of rent each month and half of utilities. We work opposite shifts so we would never see each other or if we did, we would be doing our own thing. He knows he can trust me and I am good with Poncho, obviously. Poncho would be inside a lot more instead of stuck outside in his kennel because one person will be home virtually all the time.

Diego and I agreed today I would move into his house on September 10th, because that’s my payday each month since I only get paid once a month. We agreed on a short term lease to test the waters so only until January 9th, 2023 which would be four months. Four months to prove my credit worthiness and that I will pay on time and everything. This gives me the chance to be back on my own without having to have curfew, no rules, no breathing down my neck, but at the same time I have the peace of mind that I know and trust this person with my life and we do make good roommates, so ultimately it’s a win-win for both of us.

I could have moved in today but I have nothing in boxes and I gotta really clean everything up. There is a lot of stuff I gotta get rid of and take to the dump in addition to all the stuff that is Goodwill worthy, and then there is the stuff that is good enough to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Offer up. So not only do I have to pack, and organize, I wanted to be a month ahead in rent. I have the rent total in savings right now, but my paycheck for the month of July was about half as much because I had covid and only worked 16 hours in the first 15 days of the month and I didn’t get very much overtime in the second half. My paycheck was $2,200.00 for the month which covers all my expenses but doesn’t give me enough to pay rent without depleting my savings and I don’t feel good doing that.

So by waiting until the next payday to start paying rent since it gives me more time and more money so I can pay for my rent with the extra funds and still have money leftover for my savings and I think I might be able to create a month ahead fund toward rent if I stay good and don’t spend.

Ultimately, I am excited for this stage in my life. May it be the smartest idea to move back in with Diego? Probably not. But that’s why there is going to be a contract to represent my rights and usually he and I are good at upholding contracts. I don’t anticipate us getting back together anytime soon but who knows?

In other news, I am on day 6 of gambling sobriety. I feel good about this. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the casino that I “earned” two night stay and $100 worth of food comps for free for the month of August. I tried to offer it to my parents and since they are going to a concert later this month, I called the lady and she said it couldn’t be transferred over to them because it’s (what I would imagine) a plot to get me to gamble a shit ton. So I told her I didn’t want it at all if I couldn’t give it to them. So I feel like that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s finals at school and fortunately for me, I am not too terribly stressed. I am failing my geology class, but the rest I am doing great in. I am kinda ready to face the repercussions for failing while on a federal grant and if I have to pay it back that’s fine. It would suck because it dips into my moving out money but that’s okay school is muy importante.

I think that’s it for me.

We’ll talk later.

Much love,


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