Rambling affections.

It is 2:52am and I am at work on what would be my Monday night. My new schedule is Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I have two days off together (Monday and Tuesday) and then Friday off as well. So I guess right now it is Thursday July 28th.

It is so hot in my work house… that sounds bad. The house I care give for. That’s better. I have my headphones in just bored and trying not to doze off out of boredom. I have homework that I need to do but that doesn’t interest me right now. I am somewhat manic so I want to work on something creative, but I can’t do that because all my canvases are in my car or at home. I am not really in the writing mood either with how hot this house feels.

Update: It never got cooler even with the door open and two fans blowing right on me. It’s tolerable but still makes me low key angry. At least I am sitting in the good chair while these fans are going and I am writing this. It is now 4:43am and the shift is at least going by pretty quick but 7am can’t get here fast enough. I didn’t sleep enough before work because I was talking to my boyfriend for most of the day. Not that it’s his fault I am tired now, it’s my fault, but we went downtown and walked around the waterfront and it was so hot, but very nice to spend time with him.

My mom is very thrilled that I have a man in my life that treats me so well and so kind. I’ll tell you a little story. I told him I don’t do well in the heat and we were going to get ice cream a few blocks away from where I parked and every time he noticed I was on the outside of the sidewalk facing the street he would quickly jump around to the outside and have me switch him sides (for safety, he would say) and have me hold his hand and we took the route with the most shade so I wouldn’t get sunburnt. He also opened my car door when he saw me.

He is just so thoughtful, kind, and considerate. He makes my heart and soul very happy and I thought when I prayed for God to put someone in my life after my ex, I would have never imagined what God has now provided me with. He isn’t embarrassed by me or to be around me or show me off. He loves and cares for me and wants to create this life together and I want to be apart of it.

I am just very excited so don’t mind my love ramblings but it feels good to feel good and to be treated like a pretty pretty princess. 🙂

That’s all I got for right now.

Much love,


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