A poem about words that sounded cleaver together.

You’re brushin’ your hair with not a care in the world

Wishin’ you would call me your girl

Cigarette smoking, days go on by

Waiting for your calls, just wishin’ why

you push me away.

Oh I don’t know what to say.

Giving everything I have into you

makes me go crazy, now who is love’s fool?

Just cause your handsome doesn’t mean you can act like a tool.

Where is my knight in armor? Do I have to look much farther?

Crowded space, a room full of mirrors ax I see a reflection of myself

to an infinite dimension.

Maybe this distorted image is how others see me

Now I should never be filled with greed.

Rather I should be filled with grace and kindness

Wherever shall I find this?

In the reflection of his armor I shall find grace and

kindness in me.

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