I got asked to join a sorority.

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Hey, folks! You read that title right! Your girl, Dani over here at Precarious Aquarius got recruited to be in a sorority for her university.

Mind you, I am a 4’11” tall, chunky nerdy type girl who is anti social at best and always hated school functions back in high school. The weird thing is.. I attend global campus which means all my learning online is virtual, so how could I possibly join a sorority and get hazed and go to parties I won’t remember in my thirties?

It’s all virtual.

They recruited me on my Instagram account (@ahlisfineanddani if you want to check out my page) and direct messaged me if I would be interested in joining an online sorority. They have chapters at different colleges and universities all over the U.S. and are now creating a chapter for my school.

Like I said, I’m not really your pep rally, football game going kind of gal, but they focus on philanthropy and helping those with mental health needs and I am all about that so count me in. There are certain requirements such as going to the information zoom meeting and getting at least 10 gals in the chapter to begin it and then they will do hang out events such as game night and what not.

Not gonna lie, I am kind of stoked if it all works out. It will look good on my scholarship applications and resume that I actually took part in school activities, even from afar!

School is going pretty good. I have an 83% in biology (which is good in my eyes), a 96% in history, and two 100% in both psychology classes. I got a long road ahead but I’m getting in my rhythm.

Today will be busy. I got two doctor appointments, one with a gynecologist to discuss my low estrogen levels and issues I have been having there, and one with a new primary care physician because I need bloodwork done for my new job to show immunity to childhood illnesses such as MMR and varicella. Once I turn those results in, I can begin work this Monday which is very exciting.

In between appointments, I have school work to complete and it’s the last day with Diego home before he goes back to work after his three day weekend. It’s been weird, but nice to have him home. Last night we drank absinthe for the first time, about two shots each and damn it burns going down! Haha. But we were pretty toasty just laying in bed chilling out. So it was a safe and good time.

Well that’s my life update for now. Catch ya’ll later!

Much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Whoop whoop that’s way cool.

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