Blogtober Fest 2021

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Greetings all!

I just realized that it is finally October, which I know I am a couple days late to the party, but I have been busy with work. With it finally being October, I realized it is the perfect opportunity to post more this month because it’s also Blogtober!

What is blogtober, you might say? Blogtober is where folks here on the blogosphere post at least one thing every single day for the month of October. Usually there is a prompt for each day, but I have yet to find one. There is a Facebook group that has various prompts from past years, but don’t mention any new prompts for this year. So write what you please and have fun!

I have the photo of two beers clinking because cheers to October and Blogtober, but it is also Oktoberfest so I thought the photo would be suiting for the occasion.

I am sipping on an apple pie Washington Gold (hard) Cider as we speak. It is immaculate and very overpriced, but great for fall. If you are local, I highly recommend the company or even this particular cider; it is sweet yet smooth. And just so you all know, I don’t really go to the bar anymore so if I do drink, which I seldom do, it is from the comfort of my own home or from Diego’s home, which used to be my home.

Today was spent working on homework. I completed psychology and anthropology. I have no communications work due soon. So I am listening to my drawing demo now and then I will complete my drawing homework before it is due at midnight tonight.

I ordered pizza not too long ago and it was very tasty so I am happy I bought it. I have tomorrow (Monday 10/4) off too so I will complete more homework and go over to Diego’s to spend the night. I am excited for that because we saw each other Saturday night for about an hour before he went to bed but I want to spend most of the day with him so we will see how much work I get done so I can go over to his house and actually spend the evening with him.

I am excited to say that Diego and I are going to Oregon for the weekend near the end of the month. I wanted to go shopping and Diego is a good shopping partner so we will go and shop without state sales tax and go and see my extended family that lives down there, so I am very excited. I will try to see my grandparents and the lady who I consider to be my honorary nana. My nana when she was alive had a best friend named Hermine. Hermine is still alive and lives alone. Whenever I go to Oregon, I go to her house and see her. I got to call her to make sure that she is willing to see Diego and I because we are often exposed to non vaccinated people and I would hate to unintentionally transmit COVID-19 to her. So we may need to wear masks when visiting, but that’s okay. She is an amazing woman who was an immigrant from Austria in WW2 and was a Holocaust survivor. I have never heard her story because it upsets her to discuss (rightfully so), but I know she loves me and Diego like we were her own grandkids.

I am also excited to see my biological grandparents, but with my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, it is difficult to witness and see her deterioration. My grandfather is much like my father; sharp as a whip at 89 and he plans to have a 70-90 party next year. Next year, my grandfather will be 90 years old in July and will have been married to my grandma for 70 years next September. Pretty incredible stuff. My grandmother has had a brain tumor, a quadruple bypass after heart attack, and now Alzheimer’s yes she’s still kicking. My grandfather attended my rival university, University of Washington while my grandma worked as a secretary for the FBI in Seattle. Now they are retired and live in assisted living due to my grandmother’s status.

I am not sure who else we will see in Oregon because we both have friends who live there, but we are only there one full day and one night so it doesn’t leave us with a lot of opportunity to do much visiting.

So if you have anything you would like me to discuss or blog about during the month of blogtober, let me know in the comments or through email at

Much love,


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