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This upcoming week isn’t crazy busy like my previous week was, but it’s getting there. Today was my chill out day. I am at Diego’s (not what you think) to take care of Poncho as he closes grocery department at his store tonight. So I woke up around 8am felt pretty good. Went downstairs to grab a Red Bull for myself and immediately went back to sleep on the couch for the next three hours. I woke up to my bad foot hurting because my cat took the liberty of sleeping on my feet. This cat, I kid you not, weighs 20 or 25 pounds. He’s heavy! But he looked cute and very disappointed when I got up and disrupted his nap.

I texted Diego to see what he was up to today and he said he had to close grocery til around midnight. So I said I could stay Poncho so he wouldn’t be lonely. So we agreed and I came over with Burger King for the both of us. I stepped away from my food for about twenty minutes to see that Poncho ate my fucking sandwich! He ate all of it and didn’t even touch Diego’s burger. I was so mad because of how expensive fast food is and so Diego offers me his burger which I decline since there was plenty of food at his house to eat, and I wanted Diego to eat before work.

I took another nap with Poncho and woke up to him stepping on my body trying to get comfortable. So I let him out to potty, fed him, and put some ice in his water. I decided he and I should go for a walk so he wouldn’t be so antsy. I ended up running (very slow jogging) for about a minute or two and my foot held up surprisingly well! My endurance is not there yet, but I can run, and that is a win.

When we got back about twenty minutes later, Poncho decided to drink a bunch of water and then pant the water out onto my leg so it was all slobbery and gross, but mildly funny. Now we have been straight chilling out and I am already getting tired again after the long couple of days I have had at work.

This week, I have physical therapy tomorrow. I have work orientation at my other new job on Tuesday. Wednesday is my 12 hour shift at the mental health place. Then I have a cpap machine follow up with my regular doctor. I have been pulling off the face mask in the middle of a dead sleep, so I am not receiving the benefits of the cpap machine anymore and I am exhausted throughout the day. As for my medication, I am doing pretty good, no longer a walking zombie, but my emotions and mood swings are in check, so that part is good.

Other than that, I have just been work, eat, sleep, repeating it for the past couple weeks. Got my first paycheck not too long ago and it felt good to have money in the bank for a hot minute.

Much love to you all,


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