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Just another day in paradise…! Plagued with intense nausea from the narcotic usage. Usually I can sleep the nausea off with a strong sedative / anti nausea medication, but despite taking the pill, I still threw up.

I was falling asleep before I got sick, but now I’m wide awake. I am trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule and now this nausea spell has ruined that. It’s past 1am where I am at, and I am still awake with no sense of sleep in sight.

I ordered some cash envelopes off Amazon because once I get paid from the state for my medical leave of absence, I want to use strictly cash for budgeting purposes. I have been watching a lot of financial planning and personal finance videos. I learned about the idea of “sinking funds”.

Sinking funds is different than an emergency fund. An emergency fund is supposed to be 3-6 months income in a savings account. However, a sinking fund is like a savings account that you ‘sink’ your funds into. For example, Christmas is a holiday that happens once a year, so once November rolls around, do you deplete your savings or checking account in order to pay for gifts for family and friends? No. With this sinking fund, you deposit a certain dollar amount each time you get paid for the holiday, so you’re gradually saving, rather than have it be an “unexpected” expense during the holiday season.

You can do this with a number of things like car repairs, college tuition, books, hair and nail appointments, tattoos, home repairs, etc. So I have spent this evening on Notion typing in all of the accounts I want sinking funds for. After creating about twenty categories for funds, I decided to create a list based off of the list I just made with the absolute priorities that funds must be distributed to. But as I deleted some lines, it deleted my progress on the other page and I could not revive my work. I was pissed.

So now I am recreating the list on paper and will duplicate it digitally when my anger slows. I create the category, so the expense I would like to fund, the total amount I would like in the fund, the monthly or weekly amount or minimum amount to put into said fund, and the date that I need to have the total or partial amount by.

I enjoy it, but I keep wondering how I can save the amount of money I want to save without working 40 plus hours a week. Once I go to school and I work less hours, it will be nearly impossible to save anything let alone to put money away for frivolous things such as tattoos and clothing or accessories. I would need about $400 to put in savings for the categories that I consider to be necessary sinking funds. This includes an emergency fund, groceries, once a year getting new glasses which is a must have with my legally blind eye, medication, a once a month haircut, vape juice and coils (yes my addiction is worth it and no I will not stop smoking), and for Christmas.

Not to mention my regular expenses which equal to $1,150 all said and done. Money is something I worry about a lot, especially considering school will be the first time since I was 16 that I didn’t work full time or work more than 2 jobs at a time which equated to me working full time. I want to be successful in school, but I know that isn’t possible if I don’t prioritize school and put work on the back burner.

I am just fortunate that my dad pays for so much of my stuff. He pays for medical bills, medical insurance, gasoline, car insurance, car repairs, food, some of my medication, and so much more. I don’t have to pay rent, so all my expenses is my car and debt I put myself in. I just don’t know what my student loans cover considering I don’t have to pay for campus housing, just tuition and books. I have a feeling I can get a loan so I don’t have to work as much during the school year, but I want to reduce the amount of loans I take out to reduce future debt. But if I didn’t have to work and could pay for my expenses, that would be awesome. But we shall see.

So much to consider in so little time. It’s basically June and in two short months I will be an university girl! Online, but just as prestigious and legit. I am happy my nausea is gone so I am able to focus on my writing, but since I threw up the narcotics, the pain is in full swing. Oh well. I guess we can’t have it all. I am ready to get this fuckin’ cast off. I already have a decently sized hole in the bottom of my fiberglass cast because I walked on the cast outside in the rain. I left my crutches in the car, and I walked to the car in the rain and it shriveled up a hole in the heel of the cast.

Trust me, I know I shouldn’t be walking on it, but everyone is kind of over taking care of me hand and foot so I don’t get the room service treatment like when I just had the surgery. It’s kind of nice because it means I’m healing and growing stronger, but I know it hurts my chances at making a full recovery when I walk on it more and more each day.

Well that’s all I got for this post.

Wish me luck.

Much love,


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