Meet Poncho

To say that Poncho was planned is a complete lie.

It was in a matter of minutes that we decided to go rescue him and only hours later when we finally picked him up and took him home.

It all started out with a text from Diego’s sister to Diego:

“Do you want a puppy?”

Diego asks me and shows me the photo of this wrinkly faced, droopy eye and eared, huge pawed furry little puppy. His paws were not proportioned to his body as in his paws were ginormous. He had these big brown eyes and reddish brown fur all along his little wiggly boy.

My heart melted.

Yes! Of course I want a puppy!

He replies to his sister that he wanted the dog. She was ecstatic because her friend had to revoke her puppy because her landlord wouldn’t allow pets and she needed him gone ASAP.

So we arranged a time to meet and see the dog and see if it would be a good fit for us. I had a client through video chat in the morning, so we agree to meet early afternoon. The owner put the dog whose name then was Theodore into Diego’s arms and I could tell that he never wanted to let go. Diego then plopped Theodore into my arms and I, too, did not want to let go.

Theodore, now Poncho, is a hound mixed with border collie. He will be a medium sized dog, not too big nor too small.

His original owner charged a $100 rehoming fee and gave us everything we could possibly need or want for this dog. The kennel along that we got was probably worth a $100 bucks on top off flea medicine, food, gates, toys, etc.

She started bringing all of Theodore’s things to our car and I am just thinking, “I guess we are getting a dog today!”

We brought Poncho to each of our mom’s houses to show him off and everyone loved him and thought the name was adorable.

After all the excitement, we took Poncho outside to potty which he did. But he also proceeded to have diarrhea on the brand new carpet in the office when Diego and I weren’t looking. Diego smelt it and started to gag which meant I had to clean up and go to the grocery store and get rug doctor spray, which works like a charm surprisingly.

So that is my charming story of how we got our dear houndy, Poncho.

The funny thing about it all was that yesterday I told Diego that I wanted to save up money for a new fence so we could get a dog and today we got one. In our conversation, we weren’t anticipating any dog any time soon, but here we are! Crazy how God works, sometimes.

Much love,

Dani and Poncho

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