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As a relatively new blogger, I am trying to build my brand and my business. My goal for those reading my blog is to become more informed about the complexities and reality of living with bipolar disorder. I don’t speak for everyone who has this disorder, but I do have a voice I was born to use to raise awareness and some wisdom to those I know and many whom I don’t know.

One way to reach a majority at large is through social media. This post is going to give a few platforms I am on that you can go and check out, like, comment, subscribe, follow, direct message me, you name it. I want my blog to become a start to a conversation rather than the end of a one sided monologue. How we can facilitate this kind of communication is through social media and once there is enough momentum going, I would be interested in doing live Q and A’s, conversations via video chat either one on one or as a group, and so on.

One of my original platforms that I became active on and still am is Instagram. I love photography as some of you may know and this is where I showcase my nature and architectural photos, along with a multitude of selfies, just in case someone forgets what I look like. I usually caption my posts with the song on Spotify that I have playing on repeat and some hashtags. This is where I show off my more social side and interact with friends and family, occasionally sharing my Instagram posts to my personal Facebook page.

My user name is: theprecariousaquarius

The link to my page is:

After that, we have Pinterest. I am not new to this platform, but my business account is new as of today. I am going to try to post my content on pinterest to attract more readers and I also have my personal account that you can follow. There are some similarities to the two accounts. The main difference is that my business account has to do with mental health only whereas my personal account has no rhyme or reason with some mental health content.

Business Pinterest link:

Personal Account:

Then there is Youtube. I have been neglecting this channel as you can see, but I am looking to post new content soon in regards to mental health!

Youtube link:

Hope you all can check out my content on these sites and as always, feel free to comment, follow, like, subscribe, etc, etc. Also feel free to email me and we can get together or video chat via Facebook, which is another page in the works.


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